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Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility

Aquarius and Taurus Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Aquarius and Taurus

As a couple, Aquarius and Taurus make an unusual, if not challenging match. Astrologically, these Sun signs are of fixed quality, which means, among other things, they are both stubborn. Aquarius and Taurus are born three signs apart on the zodiac wheel. This angle presents a tense energy for these two signs. It indicates a relationship complete with power struggles and opposing views. Any major disagreement will result in a defensive standoff riddled with judgment and finger-pointing.

There are unique differences in their style. However, these energies can work together nicely if they maintain respect for each other’s strengths. This couple works best when Taurus becomes more open and direct, and Aquarius tries to be a tad more sensitive. Commitment-minded Taurus may feel uneasy with Aquarius’ need for freedom and autonomy. Trust and respect play significant roles in this connection.

Love by Element:  Air and Earth

Aquarius and Taurus are not the most natural match in the zodiac, but of course, not an impossible pairing.  It would benefit this couple greatly if Aquarius had some Earth somewhere in their chart.  When they meet, there’s an undeniable attraction, and each brings something to the relationship that the other may be missing.  Together they form a rare and unique union.  However, keeping this relationship going in the long-term will be challenging.

Astrologically speaking, Air signs are constant thinkers, and Earth signs are doers. The exercises Aquarius takes Taurus through with changing plans or evolving agendas will leave Taurus feeling uneasy, unable to plan, and eventually unwilling to ride the hamster wheel.  Aquarius may get frustrated with Taurus’ inability to go with the flow.

The Good Side of Aquarius and Taurus

Aquarius and Taurus may seem an unlikely pair, yet their conversations, especially when the romance is new, can be stimulating. Taurus’s passionate and thought-provoking ideas seem to fascinate Aquarius and get them to think outside of their normal parameters. Being with a partner that seems so unlikely can help both of them evolve and grow, not only as a couple but as individuals. If they can find the right balance, they could even become a power couple, or it could be so challenging that one or both wind up giving up.

The Bad Side of Aquarius and Taurus

As two Fixed signs that see things very differently, both will dig their heels in when it comes to their opinions. With both unlikely to budge, that can make things tense—they are stubbornness times two. On the zodiac wheel, these two signs form a 90-degree angle, known as a square, also known to indicate difficulties in a relationship. On so many fronts, it will be a lot of work to keep this union together. When it comes to sex, Taurus longs for a deep and sensual connection, and Aquarius views sex as more recreational than emotional. This may start to weigh on Taurus’s happiness. What may have been exciting at first, may soon become a situation where neither is really getting what they want and need, and that may make it difficult to take this relationship long-term.

Keys to a Successful Union

When Aquarius and Taurus get together, it’s bound to be challenging, dramatic, and perhaps a bit competitive. This couple is three signs apart on the zodiac wheel, forming an uneasy yet exciting angle. Both are Fixed signs so they can be quite stubborn. Luckily they also share incredible chemistry. When they work together, they can be a power couple.

Here’s the key to success: Aquarius and Taurus need to clear up any misunderstandings with clear communication. Meeting each other in the middle, sharing the seat of power, and having a willingness to sacrifice for the relationship’s greater good is how these two keep the love fires burning.

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