Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility: Aquarius and Aries
Aquarius and Aries are two Sun signs that are at ease with each other; whether in social, friendship or relationship situations. It would be hard for the casual observer to determine if these two were newly-introduced or long-lost BFFs since their rapport is so natural and flirty. In each other, they’ve found a friend who they click with. They finish each other’s sentences, laugh about the same silly things and even debate about their differing opinions.

This relationship may begin as a friendship, but Aquarius and Aries may eventually succumb to their sexual chemistry. They’re a perfect match since neither is prone to jealousy or clings too tightly. Aquarius will love Aries’ ability to keep things fun, fresh and most of all spontaneous, especially in the bedroom.

Love by Element: Air and Fire
Together an Air and Fire couple can be a powerful source of energy, and with Aquarius and Aries, it’s no different. Each shares a set of values and possesses attitudes that complement one another. Airy Aquarius happily finds fiery Aries to be full of enthusiasm and profound ideas, and both use rational thought to come to conclusions. The relationship is open and honest, and that means it has a good chance of standing the test of time.

Neither of the two is overly emotional and since Aquarius is as fond of their freedom as Aries, clinginess, jealousy, and co-dependency aren’t issues that either will have to contend with. Behind closed doors, the elements of Air and Fire create spontaneous sparks of passion.

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