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Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility

Aquarius and Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Aquarius and Capricorn

Aquarius and Capricorn are one couple that could pool their personalities to create a complimentary connection or come together just long enough to recognize the many differences between them. As next-door neighbors on the zodiac wheel, they have wildly different tastes and styles. Capricorn is yin and Aquarius is yang energy, creating a real push and pull dynamic. These two may spend so much time overcoming contrasts and challenges, that it takes away time they could be spending on romance.  Keeping that spark alive may be yet another challenge to overcome.

Behind closed doors, Aquarius and Capricorn are both sensual creatures who enjoy sex. They have undeniable sexual chemistry, and they’ll enjoy exploring what turns the other on. However, Capricorn may come across as too passionately needy for Aquarius, and Aquarius a bit too greedy in bed for Capricorn. This couple has a chance, but it will take a little effort and compromise, as well as the ability to rise above their differences.

Love by Element:  Air and Earth

A love match with someone from a different astrological element can be challenging, especially Air and Earth. However, a pleasant side to this relationship is when Air whips up new and exciting ideas and Earth turns them into reality. Letting each play to their strengths is the best bet for a successful match between Aquarius and Capricorn. Aquarius can plan the parties and Capricorn can relax on their “no strangers” policy.

Sexually, Earth signs like Capricorn are sensual and love to touch. Aquarius’ style is more sporty. Capricorn will let Aquarius know they need more and since Aquarius is a good listener, they’ll think about it and work on it. Capricorn just longs for deep connection without all of the analysis. Letting love lead and facing problems head-on can make this relationship work well if they both try.

The Good Side of Aquarius and Capricorn

Capricorn and Aquarius are go-getters who get an adrenaline rush from rising to the top of any game they’re engaged in, including the game of love. If there was ever a couple who could live their dream and have it, these two fit the bill. These two can make their dreams a reality because they won’t stop until they’ve reached their goals. Once a promise is made, including a pledge to stick together through thick and thin, they are committed. Also, each brings something to the table that the other lacks, which give them much needed balance.

The Bad Side of Aquarius and Capricorn

Capricorn and Aquarius are both sensual creatures in bed. However, they have different ideas about sex. Capricorn wants to feel something more profound and less recreational. Aquarius likes props and games, and Capricorn craves passion. This relationship, as well as their sex life, would do better if they took turns being “on top.”  Giving each what they want will be a lesson in growth for them both that proves well worth it. Unlike couples who need to schedule date nights, these two would have more fun if they just shirked their responsibilities last minute and took a spur-of-the-moment weekend road trip—destination anywhere—just because they can.

Keys to a Successful Union

Aquarius and Capricorn are one sign apart on the zodiac wheel. These are two next-door neighbors who have very different styles. However, what they do have in common is their love of a good challenge and an intense chemistry. They match in their ambitious approach to life and their love of the good life.

Here’s the key to success:  Each has their own talents—learn from each other. Celebrate the similarities and admire the differences. Keep the competitive vibe out of the personal side, and complement one another or the spontaneity they enjoy could fall by the wayside. Have a common goal, such as living an abundant life together.

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