Your Weekly Career Forecast for September 10 – 16, 2012

This Week in Work

There is tremendous passion at work this month. There may be a rather blatant sexual attraction at the office that has everyone distracted by the middle of the week. If it’s yours, you might want to be a little more subtle about it! Then again, creativity flows brilliantly, especially from “fiery” types with a sense of style and grace.


Did you accidentally, or maybe deliberately shake things up at work last week with some new ideas or challenges to the status quo that startled a few people? Were some of them management or bosses who are wondering about you right now? If so, lie low until Wednesday the 12th and Thursday the 13th when you can use your charm and humor to win them back. You really do have some great ideas, and if you don’t scare people with them, you could gain financially.


On Monday, September 10 you’ll be able to tap in to the intensity of a partner and communicate with them about what is making them moody or oddly aggressive for no reason. Whether that partner is at home or at work (or both!), set aside time for them and you’ll be free to be more productive and interactive.


Your communications are clear on Tuesday, September 11 and Wednesday the 12th, but the people at work are in a fog and tempers could flare due to problems they have outside the office. Don’t be too concerned as these issues will pass and you are free of the drama.


On the week of September 10 – 16, you are feeling much more secure after a few surprises over the weekend. The beginning of the week has you full of energy, actually driven by positive emotions. You could even receive some financial promises from the boss or clients by Wednesday the 12th.


You may be feeling a bit unsettled at work at the beginning of the week of September 10 due to people at home. There could be either an odd mood on their part or some great sex distracting you! Do your best to focus and on Wednesday, September 12 or Thursday, September 13, friends and others with whom you network will be dazzled by your talents and help your career. 


By Friday, September 14, co-workers will still be confused and concerned about health issues at work. You, as usual, will be the person who stabilizes the situation. Just make a few mental notes, or even personal documentation for future reviews by bosses or clients, as you are “saving the day” with your reasonable words.


If you have been truly productive recently, you could well see financial benefits by the beginning of the week of September 10. In any case, the week starts with every type of positive and challenging surprise. Maintain your balance and by Wednesday the 12th, plan some networking activities and get-togethers. You could benefit well.


During the week of September 10, your hard work allows your boss or client to really shine. Use your subtle ways to be certain that this also works well for you through more paid education or other opportunities that will serve your career. Work-related travel could also prove fruitful, particularly at the beginning of the week. Have you lost confidence in your career choice? Call Psychic Marilyn ext. 5364 and learn how to get it back!


You can shine this week if you have a great friend who “has your back.” If not, be certain to watch your own back and your brilliant creativity at the beginning of the week could be communicated well. Very gently use your good humor to deal with nonsensical behavior from co-workers on Friday, September 15. They’ll be over the “crazies” by the following week.


Spend the week building the platform and structure for new beginnings, even as colleagues seem to just be reacting to old practices that no longer work. Friday, September 14 will be great for down-to-earth communications with a boss or client about transforming the workplace or a project that you are in charge of.


Someone at work is feeling insecure on Monday, September 10 and Tuesday the 11th. If you’re a good listener, you could begin a beneficial partnership with them. If you keep your great “antenna” up for surprise opportunities, this week could be a new opening for your career.


On Monday, September 10 and Tuesday the 11th, people at work will be nursing hurt feelings and fears. This is when your sensitivity to others’ needs (something that many don’t seem to have) can serve you in gaining sincere and lasting allies at work. Others remember your profound support just when they needed it.

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