You Don’t Have to Be Alone

There are more methods of communication available now than ever before. The only one available when I was born was the telephone. I told one of my nieces about the years when we had a party line. If we wanted to make a phone call, we had to wait until nobody else on our “line” was on the phone! Courteous individuals kept their phone calls brief, so that others could use the service. Rude people listened in to other conversations for their own entertainment. Loneliness, as well, could be assuaged with this vicarious thrill. The listener felt they were a part of something bigger.

Times have changed, technology has changed, but one thing definitely remains the same. Sometimes we all feel alone. With all of the methods of contact available to us now, one would think that it isn’t possible to feel loneliness. According to the calls I receive at California Psychics, however, this remains as much of a challenge as ever.

What I see with callers is that many feel that others have no understanding of who they are or what they wish to become. The emotional isolation is sometimes overwhelming. They feel that even in this time of instant communication, they are unable to relay their thoughts and fears to anyone who might understand. Hard on the heels of this frustration is the feeling of inadequacy. With all of the devices and all of the people, how is it possible for one person to feel the inability to communicate?

With readings, I’ve come to understand that it isn’t so much the ability to communicate with others that is missing, it’s the true lack of kindred spirits, of like-minded individuals who we feel are available to us. In other words, we may know many people, but we don’t know the people who think as we do, who can sympathize with our goals and dreams and aspirations.

A lady called me one evening. She was truly distressed. Her family and friends, it seemed, were doing their best to dissuade her from working with disadvantaged people. They reasoned that she would never make a good income in work such as this. There was also the very real possibility of frustration, burn-out, with no pension in sight. She said that she realized these things, but felt that her calling in life was to help others. The people she associated with most just did not understand this ambition.

I told her that I indeed saw that she had a very real talent for helping people. I also saw that she could achieve what she wanted, but that she had to not only learn to turn aside from what these others were saying to her, but she needed to make new friends and acquaintances who could empathize with her goals. She needed the emotional support from others who could recognize the importance of what she wanted to do. I assured her that if she did make the effort to search out these like-minded individuals, she would have the sense of belonging that we all require, and would feel more secure in her idealism.

Someone once said that we are born alone, and we die alone. But between those two events, we, as human beings, need to feel a part of something more than just ourselves. Texting serves that purpose in a very surface way. But we still need involvement and belonging, to communicate our deeper feelings and desires. The time-honored method of seeking out kindred souls who support our goals still works, people who will thus enable us to achieve what we desire in the way of something larger than ourselves. To obtain the necessary elements of emotional support and security, we need to reach out to others in order to remove our feeling of “alone-ness,” and achieve the encouragement that, as human beings, we so desperately need.

Technology has enabled us to communicate in more ways than ever. But what still exists is our desire to be a part of a grander achievement. We look for something to reinforce and reflect back to us what we hold to be most important. As I see for callers, many can satisfy this need by joining a church, a professional organization, or a charitable endeavor. However this need is fulfilled, the first step must be to reach out to others, others that we feel may enable us to not only grow individually, but who we can join with to create our dream. In such a way, we are no longer alone.

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4 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Be Alone

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  2. velvetoversteel

    What a ‘spot on’ correct post, Tansy!! We can have many ‘friends’ but for many of us, only a few truly understand and support us. I spent many years figuring out who I was first. Then a few more years finding and connection with people who saw and accepted me for who I am! Before this recent year and time, I was very lonely! Even with 500+ facebook friends and knowing many people from my job.

    I know that for me, blogging finally connected me with many similar like-minded people. Blogging & the internest has made it so much easier to find and connect with those who have the same hearts, souls and passions for the same things. Such as in my case, a passion for special needs children and also helping other women overcome traumas in their lives. Same ‘kindred spirits’… just like you talked about!

    This article was just perfect in explaining why people are lonely and what they are really needing and looking for! Just great! Thank you, Tansy!

    Big Hug & Many Blessings to you,
    Coreen @ VOS

  3. marietta

    well put and so true…we need THOSE THAT SUPPORT US…and it does not necessarily mean , that it is our family….our spiritual family support us in our DREAM..AND MISSION. thank you for this …

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Tansy,

    Great article……

    Yes, we come into this world alone and are going out the same way… know the only two certain things in life are death and taxs…..LOL !!!!

    But what happens in between entering and leaving the earthly plane, is left , ( somewhat ), up to us….

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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