Why You’re Not Ms. Popular at the Office

It’s Work, Not a Popularity Contest!

If you have a full-time office job, chances are you spend at least eight hours a day, five days a week with the same people. And if you’ve ever had an office job, you know that it’s easier to get through the day if you get along with your coworkers. We learned the following principles in kindergarten: play nice, share toys and don’t eat sand. In the working world, those principles evolved into: be friendly, don’t hoard office supplies and only eat the food you brought (Yes, even unlabeled food counts as not your food). So let’s say we make a conscious effort to follow these workplace etiquette principles, but our coworkers still don’t like us. What are we doing wrong?

No One Likes Me! Am I too Strong?

Psychic Colette ext. 5035 gets a lot of calls about this very topic. The callers are upset because no one at work likes them no matter what they do, and they seem to be pushing everyone away, unbeknownst to the reason. According to Colette, “What they don’t realize is that they are strong women, and their strength illuminates weaknesses in others.” It doesn’t matter what the strength is. If she’s young, she makes her coworkers feel like dowdy old matrons. If she is attractive, she makes her coworkers feel like trolls. If she is successful, she makes her coworkers feel like they are a few steps away from the unemployment office. For her coworkers, her very presence is the equivalent of getting smacked in the face with their own weaknesses every time she walks into the room. Do you feel like a weakness is keeping you from success? Talk to Psychic Colette ext. 5035 and get the tools you need to succeed.

Take This Advice!

What is the strong and successful woman to do? Dumb down her intelligence? Dress frumpy and gain 20 pounds or get herself demoted—all in the hopes that her coworkers will be nice to her? No! This is work, not a popularity contest! Another lesson from kindergarten comes to mind: You can’t make people be your friends. But according to Psychic Colette, you can feel less distressed about your lack of popularity if you implement her advice. She says, “Be patient with those around you, send love, and shine by example.” It seems simple, but this really does work because it gives the distressed caller something to focus on. They will never be able to control how their coworkers feel about them, but Psychic Colette’s advice shows them how to control their response to the negativity they are experiencing. Are you experiencing negativity at work? Call Psychic Colette ext. 5035, get to the bottom of it and learn how to neutralize it.

So what happens when these distressed callers follow Psychic Colette’s advice? Good things. They call her back and tell her they feel physically lighter, emotionally better and empowered. Suddenly, they feel neutral about a place that used to bringthem pain. Also, they now feel compassionate towards people who used to upset them. Instead of feeling punished for being strong, these successful women can now focus all of their energy on their next professional goal, and they have Psychic Colette to thank for that.

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7 thoughts on “Why You’re Not Ms. Popular at the Office

  1. dmarantz moderator

    @miki, I get that the desire is there, but it is important not to fuel the flames! You have to work with these people five days a week, so why not make the experience as pleasant as possible? If you are being bullied or mistreated by co-workers, it is important not to sink down to their childish level. At the very least, you don’t want to give them ammunition should this experience escalate. You don’t want to ever look like the aggressor or retaliatory.

  2. marc from the uk

    Wow a great article! I am that person as a man! I felt alienated as a boss, I felt out of the clique! However I had conviction and drive, I was always compassionate to people, although at times I questioned myself and felt lonely I knew I was following my path. It has led to sorrow and pain however I always knew I only ever wanted the best for others, a a cost at times to my true happiness, wsa it worth it? only now do I realise yes!

  3. George

    I am a daily reader of the psychics sent by you and I appreciate your predictions. thank you very much for your services.



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