Who Were You in a Past Life?

Cobblestone I recently read Many Lives, Many Masters and got to thinking about what sorts of past lives I may have had. I’ve never had a past life reading so I can’t say for sure, but every now and again I will have a dream or a random waking vision in which I see things that aren’t necessarily real of my current life…but were real at some point. Most often I see old cobblestone streets and what I can only imagine is London in the 1800s, but I am biased and really like Brits.

Has anyone gotten a past life reading? If so who were you? What did you do? How did you die? How has your former life influenced this incarnation?

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  1. sweetjan

    I know my past life I was an Bold Egale.I dreamed one day when I was a 30 years old.I was living in San Jose,calif. @ the time.I was flying all over the mountains.I did not understand where I was @ the time in the air.I looked on side to the other while I was flying around.I felt so free,no responsibilaty to do anything @ the time.Yes I had 2 kids to,Egales.Im pretty sure I died of old age as an egale.I sometimes wish I could find out what happen to my kids in my past life.I found out that I’m a Cree Indian.I was influenced by being a responsable person in this life like I was in my past.I had 2 kids then,now I have 4 kids as a human.Plus I help other people when they do not know how to deal with there life.All I have to do is listen to them a couple of times.Then this thing comes to me like as if some one would wisper in my ear & to tell that person what they should do in there coming years ahead.I helped my uncles daughter with her problem of a bad boyfriend that I helped get rid of.Now she is happy.

  2. Doodlebug

    I would LOVE to know about my past lives, and my Boyfriends past lives. One thing I remember vividly and have shared with loved ones and family members, I remember being high above the street light and looking down at my mother and father getting out of there car and my grandfather standing in the door way greeting them and a calm male voice saying this will be your parents and as we looked down at them I asked why do I have to go back,and that was all I remember then my next memory was when I was crawling in a diaper and crawled up a couple of stairs at my other grandmothers and sitting there wondering what I was doing there. And according to my parents the first memory could not be because the car in my memory was gone before I was born.

  3. Bridget Ext. 5249

    Sorry to hear about your difficulty having children Thinkerbelle. When we have repeated past life traumas, the subconscious seems to pull us back into re-experiencing something similar or does everything in its power to avoid situations like that. Your subconscious fear of losing a child may have prevented you from being able to conceive so as to avoid the loss again. My brother was a woman in his last lifetime who lost all her children in the holocaust. In this lifetime he was physically unable to have children. When we heal the past life wound the block or tendency to repeat trauma ceases. My brother is now a stepfather to four – since dealing with that past life – two of whom where his children in that lifetime. This shows clearly in all of their astrological charts. When Sept. 11th happened, immediately out of the blue and for no apparent reason his stepson asked him, “Does this mean you have to leave us now?” My brother (his past life mother) had left the country in their last lifetime trying to get help from relatives once the Nazi machine began closing in. The large emergency event of Sept. 11th spontaneously triggered his stepson’s memory.

  4. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Hi, Miss Krystal,
    Thank you for your kind comments. You are so right-it is very Cancerian, and I feel like my Karma with that house is good and a reward.
    I feel that you are definitely not finished with your grandfather’s house. That is this life but it is still not out of your grasp or the realm of your possibility.
    Sincere best wishes,
    Ext. 9146

  5. Chel 5153

    This is such a fun topic! I have read Brian Weiss’ books, and got very interested in past life readings.
    I have often times had vivid dreams of what I now know are past lives.
    One was as a young boy watching the carriages of the great czars pass by my village. The carriages were ornate with gold and jewels, they were so beautiful!
    Another one was being in a small jail cell with many other women, and we were doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire. It was horrifying, I am pretty sure it was during the times of the witch burnings.
    I was also a Native American chief who saw the coming of the white man and tried to warn the tribes of the danger. I was laughed at and ridiculed for what I saw and lived much of my life alone after that. I never saw the coming of the white man in my lifetime, from what I learned from a past life regression was that it was 400 years before they came.
    I had a very vivid dream of being Mary Queen of Scotts, and experienced her beheading. When I went to England this past summer, I visited Westminster Abbey and as I sat at her tomb I heard her say that she was me, and that my fears that trouble me in this lifetime started when I was her. I was asked to leave my fears there in the land where they started, and to move forward with courage.. I spent a lot of time at her tomb crying.. it was surreal.
    The topic of past lives is absolutely fascinating!! I love to hear what others have to share, this is great!!

  6. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Hi, Fran,
    I was not able to keep the portrait as it belonged to the old owners of the house. The portrait was of one of the lady’s ancestors from the 1800’s. So, now, a photograph of me in my 20’s in a ballgown hangs above that fireplace.
    Fortunately, it is a wonderfully sunny big old house so it’s not creepy at all, but I must say it felt like “home” from the moment I got on the front walk.
    Much love to you, too,

  7. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Have often had visions and regressions, as a maid, cleaning houses and being a servant. However, still a good skill to have in our spirit-to serve others. And I know this is where it comes from. I have had other regressions as well, but this is the most vivid one.
    Miss Krystal

  8. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Maryanne-
    Thank you very much for sharing such a lovely story. You got reunited with your home-and how cancerian, as well. You have karma with your house. I don’t blame you for holding on to it. I miss my old house so much, from childhood. My grandfather built it, but it is too expensive to buy now. I wish I could.
    But that was in this life. I really enjoyed your story.
    Miss Krystal

  9. Thinkerbelle

    Thanks Bridget, That’s wonderful advice. I will try it. I do know that in the different lifetimes I mentioned and a few that I didn’t, there are strong themes: loss of a child is one. In another lifetime which I didn’t mention, the man who wronged me as I went to the gallows, was my husband and we had just buried a child. I could not have children in my current life – I tried everything, fertility treatments and multiple surgeries.

  10. Fran

    Hi Thinkerbelle (love the moniker!) ~ Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I found them amazing, especially that you had such vivid recall of certain events. Wow! I found it so interesting….I wish you had more to tell about each lifetime!
    Hugs, Fran

  11. Fran

    Hi Maryanne! What an awesome story!! It gave me goosebumps. Sounds like something right out of “Dark Shadows!” I’m curious — were you able to keep the portrait??
    Sending love your way,

  12. Bridget Ext. 5249

    Hi Thinkerbelle (cool username by the way). More of your memories can be accessed by going back in your imagination to any memory you already have. Feel yourself as that identity and then begin to ask yourself questions. What were my parents like? Who cared about me? What did I want in that lifetime? The list of possible questions is endless and the right one will often trigger a flood of information.
    I work with people to help remember past lives and also use a system of astrology that shows the bigger picture and purpose of the soul’s journey through many lifetimes. I can see major past events that sill influence you and the purpose of it all as well as how to access and resolve negative memories or regain past strengths. This could give you a lot of clarity if your inner voice guides you to explore further in this way.

  13. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    I’ve had past life readings and past life experiences protruding into this life both.
    When I moved across country as a very young newly-wed and went looking at open houses to purchase my first house, I toured one that, as I walked through it, I realized I knew ahead of time where the closets were, what the sunlight looked like coming down the staircase in the afternoon, and that the stained glass window at the landing of the staircase had a crack in the upper corner. When the real estate agent and I ran into the home’s owner, she said, “Oh, my” and escorted us into a room with a fireplace and pointed at an old oil painting over the fireplace. She was staring at me in some horror and asked where I was from and who my “people” where. The old oil painting over the fireplace was a portrait-of me in old-fashioned clothing. I had come home-again-to a wonderful old, old house. Did I buy the house-you bet I did. I still own it and don’t intend to let it go. Who knows when I’ll need to come home again.

  14. Thinkerbelle

    I have had several past life readings. My first was done for me by a university researcher. The experience left me with a a sharp visual that I can still see clearly today. I saw myself looking down at the dusty, dirty hem of the long, wool plaid skirt I was wearing. I see petticoats and I notice my lace-up shoes as I step down from a horse drawn wagon onto a dirt road. In another reading, I was an American Indian woman, sobbing because I had just given birth to a stillborn child. And in another, I am stoically walking to the gallows to be hung as a witch. I pass the man who has wronged me. I recognize him from my life today.
    In each of the readings I only got strong bits or what was going on. How can I learn more about these past lives?

  15. AngelEyes

    Although I have never had a past life reading, I have read this book as well and quite enjoyed it. I really do believe that past lives can reveal why we attract certain kinds of people and why we sometimes feel so close to someone so quickly, almost as if we’ve known them forever.
    I’ve also had dreams that seemed so real where i was in places that felt like i’d been before. Every once in a while those visions will pop into my head, but i know i haven’t been to these places or seen these people in this lifetime.


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