How to Make Your Magic Happen

How to Make Your Magic Happen

The Magic of Fulfilling Your Dreams

Do you lead an exciting and thrilling life? Chances are you have responsibilities and obligations that keep you from finding adventure at every turn. You get up, you go to work, you earn your money, you come home and you pay your bills. Maybe you’re in a romantic relationship or maybe you aren’t. What happened to the magical life you dreamed of? It’s the one filled with happiness, wealth, love, fulfillment, and everything else you’ve always wanted. It’s the one full of adventure. So where is the adventure? Where are the magical moments? Why do you feel like you are spending your whole life waiting for the magic to happen? Are you wondering if it will ever happen?

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In my years of working as a psychic, I have noticed that almost every one of my clients is waiting for their magic to happen. They want to know when it will happen and they want to know why it hasn’t happened yet. Once in a while, I predict that their magic is just around the corner. But for most people, that just isn’t true. A magical life is usually the culmination of weeks, months and sometimes even years of working toward a goal. Here is my friend’s story.

An Unfulfilled Graphic Designer

I have a friend who wanted a career change. She was a very talented graphic designer, but she didn’t feel fulfilled. She knew she wanted to do something that connected her to the earth and well-being, but she wasn’t quite sure what that job would be. In all her years as a graphic designer, she kept  holding on to her dream career as the days, weeks, months and years rolled on. And she never let go of her dream. She always looked for opportunities. She even tried a few hobbies, but none of them were very fulfilling. She was always trying.

From Graphic Designer to Beekeeper

After years of searching and waiting and trying, she became a beekeeper and she makes her living out of selling the honey! But achieving her dream took a lot of work. As I said, she was always looking for new opportunities and she was always trying new things. She also talked to like-minded people and did her research. Her dream didn’t appear out of no where and it didn’t come to her quickly. She did the work to make it happen and she made her own magic. Now she is happy and fulfilled and more successful as a beekeeper than she ever was as a graphic designer. She is doing what she truly loves!

Making the Magic Happen

Like my friend, magic won’t just happen for you. Your effort makes it happen. If you have a dream, you can make it happen by working toward it every day and not allowing the robotic routine of your day-to-day, mundane life consume you. We all have to do the cooking and the washing and the cleaning, but these are mindless tasks. Use your brain for something better.

You can manifest the magic the makes your dreams happen. Hold on to your dreams and do the work to make them happen. Remember, our aspirations have a life of their own. They want to come to us just as much as we want to move towards them. I’d love to help you find the magic in your life and achieve your dreams.

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