What’s In a Name?

Most of us have known the dread of a parent addressing us with our full, legal, birth name. And we know in that moment that we are being Summoned by the Full Might and Majesty of Parental Authority. Why does that simple trick using our full name, work so well?

Invoking true names works because their power is rooted in spiritual, religious and magical beliefs — traditions which reach so far back beyond history that they’re probably imprinted in our DNA. This magic of names involves far more than the fact that sound transmits energy. In addition to the power of your name itself, the tone, cadence and resonance of how you say that are a unique expression of your identity – which is exactly why so many psychics ask for your name before beginning a reading.

In addition, magical and alchemical traditions 5,000 years old and more from ancient Egypt, Persia and Greece held that if you can summon something using its “true” name, you gain power over it. Today’s tales of wizards and sorcerers use this plot device with excellent reason.

In both the Jewish and Christian versions of Genesis, God gathered all the creatures of the earth so Adam could name them, and thus have dominion over them, even before creating Eve. Still today, people in some cultures keep their true name secret.

Names have a power and presence of their own. Ask any spin doctor! Think about it. Domain names, product names, the names of political movements, causes and nations. Married names, maiden names. What you choose to call someone (or something) has direct impact on how it is perceived. Consider any nicknames you’ve been given by friends or family. What do they tell you about how those people feel about you?

Numerology and names
Numerology is an easy-to-use way to start understanding the power of your name. Even the basics provide some pretty complex insights – and they’re simple to do. Here’s how.

Start by writing the numbers 1-9 at the top of a page. Underneath them, write the letters of the alphabet, starting the first line with A under the number 1and ending with the letter I under the 9, and continuing to the next line with J under 1 and so on. You’ll end up with 3 lines, ending with Z under the 8.

Next, leaving a couple of lines empty above and below each entry, write down your full birth name, your present everyday first and last name, and any nicknames or pet names you’d like to learn about. Above each name write the numbers for each of the vowels. Directly below your name, write the number for each consonant, and below that line write down all the numbers. Then add up each line of numbers separately, left to right. Keep adding each result till you get a single digit, or 11 or 22. For example, if your first line adds up to 27, add 2 and 7 to equal 9.

Your top line of vowel numbers represents your Inner Self, Motivation or Individuality Number. The line derived from consonants only represents your Impression or Heart Self or Personality Number. The number derived from adding up all the letters is called the Expression or Outer Self or Mental Number.

Here’s a very brief outline of each number’s basic meanings:

1 – Is individualistic and action-oriented, and ruled by the Sun.

2 – Is ruled by the Moon, is intuitive, sensitive and emotional.

3 – Is about self-expression, sociability and creativity, ruled by Venus.

4 – Is the planet Saturn, and is self disciplined, practical and hard working.

5 – Is adaptable, resourceful, rebellious and versatile, ruled by Mars.

6 – Is ruled by Jupiter and is collaborative, responsible and domestic.

7 – Is intellectual, philosophical and introverted, and ruled by Mercury.

8 – Like 1 it is ruled by the Sun and has executive and financial gifts.

9 – Contains the energies of all planets, and is universal and compassionate.

11 – Is ruled by Neptune and is visionary, idealistic, intellectual and spiritual.

22 – Is a powerful practical idealist, creator of the future. It is ruled by Uranus.

And there you have it! Have fun with this, and watch for a more in-depth explanation of name and birth date numerology in an upcoming article!


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