The World Card

The World card is the last card of the Major Arcana.

In my spreads, the World card represents the end of the story. In Tarot there are many cards that indicate endings, but I see these as pauses. I like to use laundry references in my readings. In laundry we start the washer, add water, clothes and detergent. The laundry goes through different stages of soak, spin, refill, etc. However, when the laundry is washed and dried it’s time to fold and put away.

In life, when a relationship, job, or adventure is complete, it’s time to fold and tuck away. Or we stagnate in a situation that won’t progress. It’s time for new beginnings. Just because we decide to begin again doesn’t mean we are fools, but not learning from our experiences can suggest foolishness.

When the World card appears inverted it can suggest abrupt endings or changes pushed upon us that are unexpected at the time of the reading or something from the caller’s past which warrants closure.

More traditional translations of the World card are: things are about to tidy up, things are soon to be whole, all things accounted for, satisfaction or happiness.

What does the World mean to you?

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