Thanksgiving Tarot

Sometimes we get calls from people who don’t really have any questions, they just need some insight because they are in the “blahs.” These are times when we feel stagnant. What I like to do for callers like this is to see what area of their lives may need a little sprucing up.

Charlie is a client who called with such a situation. When I laid out his spread the issues that came up were the Emperor and the World. So, we started to talk about things in his life the cards and his guides thought he should be reflecting on. Good health, a decent career, honest friends and a close family. As the cards fell out and I told his story, I could hear gentle laughter and a few sniffles from a man who was feeling more and more grateful.

This Thanksgiving, why not grab your deck, share with friends, or call your favorite reader to talk about the things in life you DO have? Or take a few minutes to comment on the things you are grateful for right here.

I will start by saying that I am grateful for my children, my sisters, my in-laws, my friends, California Psychics, my body, my mind, and every caller that chooses me to assist them. Yes, I am grateful for my life. Please share!

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tarot

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  2. Ethelene

    I am thankful for my husband, children, grandchildren and all my friends and relatives who have been there for me and my husband in times of illness and crises. Although; we have had our share of ups and downs in the past year, I am very thankful for what we have and the lesson we had learned from various experiences.

  3. anthony dowling

    for me the faith i have in the almighty creator and beholder GOD,is far stronger then if i had to walk into a church, i had his guidance and kept me from dnager quite a few times,its no coicidence, i met a man on my doorstep once, he was old and pulling cart full of cartons, and he asked me fro carton, i offered a bread sandwich with egg and ham it took no more then 6 minutes but when i went to the door he disapeared, i frantically looked for him and asked about him, he couldnt havegone far for what he was pulling and age, but no one saw anyone with thatb discription,this took place in mexico city around 1977/8 and i feel that now i came to beleive that it was a test,and till now i still am puzzled.but it is true, no lie.anthoyn dowling united kingdom

  4. Fran

    Hi Marlene,
    It touched my heart when I read how thankful you are, even in the face of financial adversity. Don’t look at the bankruptcy as something negative. Look at it as a way to start over and have a fresh start. Things will get better, and with your positive attitude, I’m sure good things will come your way. Happy Holidays and blessings to you!!
    Hugs, Fran

  5. Ellen

    I am blessed in so many ways, the first being that I have faith in God. I am thankful for my son, my family, my dog, that I have a job, friends that I love, my health and that I continue to feel blessed no matter how tough life seems sometimes. Thank you CP for having wonderful psychics that are willing to talk to us and help guide us when we need additional guidance. I feel blessed and thankful each morning when I wake up. Feeling blessed is also sharing with others. I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

  6. indigodanceCarole (UK)

    I saw in a pervious post a comment on the “lust” card – can anyone tell me which card this is ?? The article was refering to the devil card – but mentioned the lust card was not the same?
    I have been learning tarot for a number of years now (in the UK) but not heard the term used before??
    Love is the Ace of cups – where I am tole the lovers are about choices we need to make in a more personal situation. Which other cards refer to love and lust ??

  7. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Thank you, Miss Nunu. I hope you and the kids have a great day. I already put the fresh croissant dough in the oven….They came out, ohhhhh so good. It’s all about the food today…Already started…Huggies, Miss Krystal

  8. marlene thomas

    i am grateful for every thing in my life .even going bankcrupt this week.thats life ups and downs.
    i thank god and the guides spritual world every night.have a wonderful thanks giving from marlene united kingdom


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