Spiritual Insights: Love is Eternal

Love is Truly Eternal

Timothy from Los Angeles says:

Namaste, I’m hoping you can shed some light on my personal spirit guides. During a profound heart chakra expansion experience in summer ’09, I became aware that a dear lover who had crossed over ten years ago, my fiancée Vera, is a guide for me, and my Guru who dropped his body about five years ago will visit on rare, important occasions. I have dreamt of a plump lady with long wavy hair giving me a loving hug during a very low period of loss, and have sensed unknown male presences at times. Can you shed any light on this for me? Thanks.

Dear Timothy,

First, thank you so much for taking the time to write to me again! My guides and yours responded powerfully when I read each of your letters, but on my guides’ recommendation, I have saved your questions to answer now, because your life path is about love, both nurturing, earthly love and eternal, light-filled spiritual love.

You are a living example of the fact that love is about far more than the pleasure and satisfaction of the moment, and that our experiences of earthly love, and how we handle them, are the crucible in which we evolve.

While you are a sensual man, and want to be very nurturing, it may help you to know that this lifetime is the first for you, at least in a long time, where the emphasis is on personal love. In recent lifetimes your love was for country, for your god or gods, for principles, for ideals, for nature, and while you had caring relationships (the plump woman who hugged you was your wife in a fairly recent lifetime, named Sionne), your soul and your drive were centered elsewhere.

A couple of your male guides, including your Guru, are connected with your past lives as a monk, or as a warrior. And then there are the times when you were both, including, inevitably, your stint as a Knight Templar, which apparently was at the end of the Knights’ influence, because you were among those who were able to escape to Scotland. These guides are attached to you for their benefit as much as yours, since you are forging the path for a shift you all chose to make now. You will meet at least one of them as a child in about ten years. If you choose to stick around till you’re eighty or ninety, you’ll also meet the last one.

In addition to your past life wife Sionne and fiancée Vera, you have two other guides from past life caring relationships. They are, sometimes literally, holding your hand as you master the tricky challenge of integrating your wisdom regarding spiritual love and devotion into your day to day experience of personal love and the intricacies of challenging, unpredictable, oh-so-human, intimate relationships.

I’m asked to tell you that you’re doing a great job, Timothy.

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