Sexy Staycations

Summer may be winding down, but you can still fire it up between the sheets with a sexy stay-cation. After all, even if money is tight, you don’t have to scrimp on satisfaction! These tips for fanning the flames without going too far from home (or staying home) are sure to set your sex life ablaze just in time to see out the sunny season.

Most of the time, we associate overnight accommodations with long distance trips or business travel. Ridiculous! Just a night or two in a new place – even if it’s at or close to home- can enhance even the hottest relationship, nevermind what it can do to boost your sex life.

In fact, variation is often the missing element in a long-term relationship and a staycation is your chance to mix it up without a huge expense – or a ton of effort. Or, it’s a way to get a new relationship off the ground if you both are strapped for cash but high on romance.

1, Get a room
Do a little online research for the best deal you can get within an hour’s drive. If you live by a beach or any other natural attraction, go for it. Perhaps you’re on the outskirts of a city and might like to head in – or vice versa. The hotel needn’t be fancy, what counts is that it feels like an escape. Whether you venture out to enjoy the scenery or stay in and opt for a different kind of show is up to you.

2. Camp out
There’s something wildly romantic about the great outdoors – especially at night – a star-filled sky, the sounds of nature all around, a campfire. Braving the elements with your special someone is simple, sexy and can put you back into close contact by virtue of necessity – after all, when the night air chills, you have to keep each other warm!

Pack up a cooler, a tent and some sleeping bags and set up camp for a night or two! Whether it’s in the desert, a forest, a state park, a beach or in your backyard (which might just be the most fun of all), the idea is to get back to basics. Make a meal over an open fire. Toast marshmallows. Turn off your cell phones and hand-held devices. Bring along some music (or if you play, a musical instrument) and enjoy the quiet you otherwise miss. Whatever you do, make sure there’s no electricity required… battery operated devices (like flashlights and radios) only! Odds are you’ll have a lot to talk about as you stare up at the sky – or at each other!

3. Lock in
Finally, if camping out is out of the question (or even if it’s not), there’s something to be said for shutting yourselves in for a weekend. Pick a time that the adventure begins and ends (say 7pm Friday night to 7am Monday morning) and a theme – say best movies of the ’90s or at home spa. Then, warn your friends and family you’re inaccessible and take an in-house weekend, all to yourselves.

But don’t let this be just business as usual! Make sure the comforts of home include plenty of wine, food, movies, massage oil (or whatever else your theme requires). Buy some extra candles, make the bed with your best sheets. To ensure things don’t slip into an every day occasion, be sure to set some rules in advance – like no computer breaks for work, or mindless channel surfing. And to make it really special, include some form of pampering. In other words, if you love to cook, plan to make your mate’s favorite dinner and serve yourself up for dessert. With the phones unplugged and the schedule planned (remembering plans were made to be broken… for sex!), you should end your “time in” feeling relaxed, refreshed, re-connected and ready to take on the world.

Don’t even think of a staycation as a last resort. Being a tourist near your hometown or never leaving home cuts down on expenses and the hassles of getting away, too. You might find that your summer staycation will leave you feeling more relaxed, refreshed and satisfied than you ever imagined!

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