7 Unworldly and Unexplained Mysteries

There are many mysteries in the world, but today we’re going to focus on seven of the most interesting and unexplained ones. While a few of these events are more myth than fact, they have nonetheless captured the attention of many scientists and experts who’ve been left scratching their heads, unable to offer a clear explanation.

1. The Egyptian Pyramids

Many of the Egyptian pyramids would be difficult to build today, much less with the tools and knowledge found in 2500 BC. The Pyramid of Cheops, built by King Khufu, stands 480 feet and is composed of 2,300,000 stones, each weighing as much as two tons. Some experts believe that alien intervention would have been necessary to accomplished such a feat, while others say thousands of slaves using giant pulley systems could have conceivably built these within a span of 20 years or more.

2. Stonehenge

Similar to the Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge is a series of seemingly impossible to move stones, found 240 miles from the Prescelly mountains of Wales, or what might be best described as “out in the middle of nowhere.” This site was built over the course of 1,400 years, beginning with a wooden sanctuary that was eventually replaced by large blue stones and larger sarsen stone. Some of the stones are estimated to weigh as much as 25 tons, and stand as high as 18 feet. The real mystery lies in how these stones were moved, who moved them, and what the meaning behind their arrangement is.

3. The Lost Colony

Roanoke Island was established in the 1500s by English settlers, who repeatedly attempted to start a colony in the New World (America). Each attempt failed, resulting in them being rescued and brought back to England. In 1587, John White brought a batch of 117 colonists to the island. He left to bring more resources, but when he returned three years later, he only found some fencing left over, and two messages. One message read “Croatoan” (a nearby island), and the other “CRO.”

4. Taos Hum

The Taos hum is a chugging sound, described as that of a diesel engine buried deep with the ground. It can only be heard by a very select group of people (about two percent of the population), and appears to have just “turned on” one day, and has been ongoing ever since. The sound is particularly loud in Taos, New Mexico, where residents petitioned congress in 1993 to investigate its cause. One theory says that the sound is sourced from cordless electronics, another believes that it’s military in nature, while a third party theorizes it could be a signal from outer space.

5. Bermuda Triangle (Devil’s Triangle)

The Bermuda triangle itself is made up of three coordinate points that are connected by Miami (Florida), Puerto Rico, and Bermuda Island. Some of the evidence that has brought this mystery to life are the countless planes lost in the area, and a ship’s log found from the explorer Christopher Columbus. Columbus wrote of compass malfunctions, “flames,” and “strange dancing lights” while traveling through the triangle. Nobody knows what could be behind the mysterious lights and disappearances, but many travelers continue to avoid this particular route of travel.

6. Faces of Belmez

The story goes that an eerie face appeared in the cement kitchen floor of a home in Belmez, Spain. The family broke up the floor and laid fresh cement in its place. Over the next several months, more faces began to appear, and news traveled to tourists across the country. Public officials eventually ordered the floor to be dug up, finding countless headless skeletons within the ground. Some 50 years after these events, ghost hunters continue to visit the home, with one particular group claiming to have an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recording of a voice whispering, “I want to leave.”

7. Dark Energy

Dark energy is an interesting concept fueled by the mystery of how the universe actually came into existence. Some scientists theorize that the universe appeared 13.7 billion years ago, created by a big bang. However, rather than an actual “bang,” per say, the universe can also be theorized to have been pulled apart by a mysterious source of energy called dark energy. This energy is the source of our continuously broadening universe, and most importantly is a source of evidence that multiple universes and life on other planets may indeed exist beyond our current reach.

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