Remembering Past Lives

Is remembering our previous incarnations a special skill that only some have? Actually, forgetting previous lifetimes is really the special skill. The memory is always there, but we are born with a subconscious mechanism that prevents us from remembering other lifetimes so that we can build our personality. Although sometimes the following does happen, it would not be a good idea for the baby lying on the (faux) bearskin rug to be plotting his escape back to Outer Mongolia to reunite with his wife.

It is not usually necessary to remember previous lifetimes. But for some of us it is. When we experience unexplainable fears or repeated difficulties that don’t seem to have any rational explanation, the answer often lies in a previous lifetime. Painful karmic relationships can often be understood and resolved once the past is revealed.

Past life gunk can reside in the subconscious, where it exerts a powerful influence on the present. The subconscious has the logic of a four-year-old and possesses no sense of time.

Memories from the past can feel as though they are still happening now, or could recur again at any moment. When we remember what happened in that lifetime, our conscious mind gets an “Aha! No wonder I’ve felt the way I have. No wonder such and such has been happening.” Meanwhile, because the conscious and subconscious minds have exchanged information, the subconscious mind gains access to the conscious mind’s sense of time and realizes the experience is over. The problem often releases instantaneously.

Readings can give clues to what has occurred and can sometimes be helpful in this healing process. There are also things we can do to help uncover half-buried memories (if they are causing trouble, they are usually half buried even when they seem completely inaccessible). It is wise to be patient with this process because our psyche needs time to assimilate and adjust. I wouldn’t recommend trying to force things.

The subconscious mechanism that prevents us from remembering past lives is designed to care for and integrate us. Therefore, if it will benefit the person to remember previous incarnations that this mechanism will begin to release information. Usually it does so a bit at a time and then waits. Memories emerge through dreams or are remembered vaguely, and then weeks to years later emerge full force.

Try this exercise: look at certain historical periods that interest you, places you have traveled to that evoked a strong reaction, places you’ve always longed to visit, or experiences that have not happened to you personally — yet they evoke a strong personal reaction that you can’t explain. Then ask yourself questions. “If I was there, was I young or old, male or female, rich or poor?” Record your impressions. Give it a rest and come back days or weeks later. Slowly the truth will emerge.

22 thoughts on “Remembering Past Lives

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  6. nrusingha ojha

    thank u ur past love story is write i alone but a women love me i dont love him but she true love me
    may be she was my past wive

  7. noahangel

    hello, i’m no physcic but i feel he feels your anger, and feels not wanted by you to come around. he may be in trouble or guilt for seeing you when he was with someone else. you dont hate him, you hate that he left without saying goodbye. or that he’s just gone period leaving you with all those feelings and nowhere for them to go. open your heart and fogive him. you are the trouble he’s in for leaving you in pain. Noahangel

  8. arthur

    I would very much appreciate your comments on the following; each age 1920’s/1960’s, etc carries with it its own particular sensibility and flavour and resonance – like a fine wine say – and this cannot really be authentically relived with integrity in our own time. If you have lived through a era and you see an old photograph or film which for a brief moment rekindles a connection to that time – this only occurs for a moment, because we live in this age – not the past, which is as it should be. We say that this is ‘nostalgia’,or ‘memory’ – the French author Marcel Proust in ‘Remembrance of Things Past’ wrote about this a lot. Yet as you get older so as you look to a distant horizon and see the future you suddenly realise you are looking way back into your past – the view is both objective (the horizon) and subjective (the mind) -except this memory extends BEYOND the actual events of ones OWN life. So I can remember resonances which I can sincerely say never, ever happened to me in my lifetime. So to put it simply – I believe that these are the psychic inheritance of memory – that we perhaps inherit memory -to an extent- from our grandparents,their grandparents etc, our ancestors – just as we inherit DNA,and our physical characteristics.
    It doesnt make sense that we inherit body but not mind or that memory is merely limited to ones own self/personality.

  9. fruq

    thank you isabel. but i dont know if this experience could happen, it just.
    i thought i gone crazy or something. once in a while it appears, but it wasn’t like when i first experienced it.
    after a year or a two maybe, once in a while in every other two-year or so, i can hear voice calling my name, mostly voice of a woman (young one).
    and when i ask people from around, they didn’t hear it or called my attention or so.. its like someone is calling you but you are aware that the sounds coming just somewhere from your head…
    am i going mad?

  10. Isabel

    I would like to know if this can happen.

    You see someone and there is this instant connection. You both have to meet, you have an affair (not necessaily sexual) then part.

    Is this something from a pst life that maybe had to be finished.

  11. fruq

    just want to seek an advice may be you could help me in this,i have had asked a lot of people i know, my family, some of friends, people from psychology department back from college including my professor but got nothing. i couldn’t even explain, exactly what it was like to remember something that really didn’t happen… you know the thing that you woke up one morning slightly dizzy still sleepy then suddenly something pass through your mind, as it was like watching a movie and you caught you’re self standing in the corner while your thoughts are hanging, remembering (actually it was like seeing) a scene you’ve never had, a scenario you’ve never been, trying to hear out and figure out what what have the old man was trying to say… it was like that the memory was flowing and flashing like cards, the thing that had happened almost ten years ago:
    what had i remembered was it was like a blurry sepia scene, there were a man trying to tell me something (an aged man maybe probably in his 80s) i don’t know if it’s a warn or just trying to tell me something. that moment of visualization-memories took for a while i think, it was like flashing like cards or kinda drunk mode or tipsy mode of flashing scenes of that particular memory (i couldn’t find any other adjective to describe this thing i hope you understand this). the man was trying to tell me something which seems so important, a warning may be i don’t know or something urgent. but i had heard none of his words, i couldn’t hear it, i just couldn’t figure it out, voiceless.
    on that moment i know that i had known that man i just don’t know where and when i did meet him, i just felt certain.. everything was familiar, everything, i just couldn’t explain. it feels like it really had happened….
    still up to this day i am confused. well maybe i was just too sleepy at that time or maybe it was just a long-lost implanted memory from my childhood that had been able to remember during that day.
    P.S. i always got headache every time i try to remember it.
    P.P.S. Pls. help me try to figure this things just wanted to know if it was just nothing.

  12. lovesick

    Hi Behina,
    You know what? I had a crush when I was in elementary school too.I was shy then and we really didn’t talk to each other much. 10 years later, we met on the road and became friends. We went out together for movies, lunches and so on. Unfortunately, he had a girlfriend so I stopped contacting him after about a year of hanging out because I really like him alot and I felt guilty and terrible. I really feel as if he was my soulmate and I dream of him almost every day ever since…

  13. bethina

    i had a crush during my elementary years. he was a classmate of mine. i really liked him a lot that even at my young age, i giggled whenever he’s near me. he knew i had a crush on him but unfortunately, the feeling was not reciprocated. but it was ok, though. the last time i saw him was on our graduation day, and i was only 12 years old then.
    now, am 30 yrs old but not a year would passed that i would not stop dreaming of him. for 18 years now, he is always in my dreams. in my dreams, we talked, we interacted with each other, which is opposite from the real thing during my elementary years because i never talked to him since i was so shy.
    i always wonder why i never stopped dreaming of him. when in fact, i stopped thinking of him for years. and i haven’t seen him in years. why is that? someone help me understand please.
    thank you.

  14. Patricia

    I need some help from some of you, I had my soul mate recently died he was married I was married, but we love each other intensily.
    he died and he never said good bye to me eventhough he had the time, and at the moment I was informed he was dead, I can stop feeling this terrible anger, I hate him very much and I feel like he need to know that I hate him, this hate I feel doesnt let me rest. is there every time I go to sleep, when I wake up at nigth, and all day, I do not fell like he is arround me, but I sence he is not where he should be, I fell like he is lost somewhere and he need help, but I still hate him.
    I know he was my soul mate, I love him with my sould, and for some reason I feel like he did love me the same, I do not understand why I hate him soo much and a the same time I love him with all my harth. when my father died, I always felt him around me he even send me many sings that he was around, and with this person I do not fell anything, I even fell he is in danger some times, but the hate is still there, I think I am just getting crazy some thimes, another thing I wanted to ask you is if you believe in Cremmation of the Body?? I do not know any mits about that, please respond.
    Thank you.

  15. Janet

    When I was a child, I dreamt over and over that someone was stabbing me in the back with a knife. I had this dream for years. Every time I was stabbed, I woke up. At a certain age, I finally turned around and confronted the person and I stabbed them! I have never had that dream again. I wonder if that was a past life experience?

  16. Bridget Ext. 5249

    You raise a good point Abigail. Sometimes when memories are extremely traumatic we need supportive and preferably professional people around to assist us when they emerge. The subconscious generally knows this and arranges circumstances in our lives to allow this to take place. This is what happened for me when it came to the experience of my most recent lifetime. I mentioned in response to another article that my brother in his last lifetime was a woman who lost all her children to the Holocaust. I was one of those children. When it was time for the full memory to emerge for me I was in a very supportive small seminar situation. People were individually taken back to remember their births. I spontaneously jumped into that lifetime after remembering my birth (as I sensed I would). The loving support I received in that environment allowed me to heal through that process. Then again, in other situations it is best to remember slowly on one’s own. For me that lifetime had shown up in bits and pieces before I was put in a situation where it could all be healed. There is a wisdom in the spirit of life.
    Thanks for your comments.

  17. Abigail Ext 9570

    Hello Bridgette,
    Wonderful article on past lives. I have personally lived many. Had some magical regressions and some tragic ones too. The Deja vous that I relate to in my bio was so intense as a child and teenager comes from past life experiences. When I lived in Italy I felt at home in ancient Rome and at Pompie I felt thier lives. I did not have that same feeling when I lived in Japan, although I loved the culture and people very much. On a special note to those wanting to do past life regressions please be aware that it is really important to have a Certified Regression Therapist work with you. I am a certified Hypnotherapist & Regression Therapist care has to be taken. Past life experiences can be really tramatic. Our mind has filters it protects us and we want a professional that understands what to do in case a tragic tramatic expereince surfaces and how to deal with it. When people ask me as a hypnotist will you do age regression on me?I have to ask why this is requested. This is only done with special care. The last thing you want to do is put someone in the state of shock. Past lives can sometimes leave us feeling stuck and all it takes is giving yourself permission that it was in another life time not this one. A regression can help you see it, feel it and release it.
    Many Blessings

  18. Bridget Ext. 5249

    Hi Taryne,
    When we feel a strong drive to look into past lives there is usually a reason for that. I wish I knew someone in Sacramento I could recommend to you but unfortunately I do not. If you want to find someone to work with you in person I would recommend interviewing people about their work and how they do it and what their life philosophy is. Choose someone who seems to have their feet on the ground, has a compatible philosophy and who gives you a good “vibe”. Your instincts will steer you in the right direction if you let them.
    Everyone has a different way of doing things – choose a method that feels like it will work for you. For example, my method of working with past lives usually starts with the bird’s eye view, describing the most powerful impact of past experiences, why they occured, how they may still be affecting you now and what to do about that. I do not use hypnosis and do not necessarily get concrete details – such as the lace dress you were wearing – unless it is of use for you to know that. When it comes to details, I would rather help a person consciously remember for themselves because then they know the truth of the experience and are not left wondering.
    Good luck in your search and remember that the spiritual is more important than the religious or the psychic or the occult – even though all of those things have their place at times.

  19. Bridget Ext. 5249

    Hi garrett,
    It does seem like your dream is more related to your present than a past life. Water is symbolic of the subconscious and perhaps it was my mention of the subconscious in the article that triggered your memory. It seems from your dream that you have a subconscious pattern that you need to dive into and move through in order to get to where you want to be in life. Doing this is distasteful to you – you don’t like confronting and recognizing the toxicity of the pattern. But your dream is telling you that diving into it and getting through it will be worth it on the other side.
    Your dreams speak very clearly and concisely. This is a good thing. I feel it will be easier for you to get through the pattern that challenges you than you might expect. Also remember that any negative pattern is not the true you – have compassion for the experiences that may have triggered it.

  20. Taryne

    Hi Bridget,
    I have very recently felt very strongly that I wanted to get a past life reading or do a past life regression. I am always wary of going somewhere and it being not totally legit. Do you know where I can find a place or person to do that in my area? I am in the general Sacramento, California area. I can’t explain it but I feel it is very important for me to do this. If you have any ideas let me know. Thanks for the great article it is really informative especially for someone like myself who grew up in a religious environment that did not believe in reincarnation. I guess I still need to research it and know about it for myself and my growth. It is just so fascinating to me.
    Thanks so much,

  21. garrett

    this article made a dream pop into my head that i had last night. i was in london and i had to jump into the river thames to get to something i needed on the other side, but the river was filthy and polluted, i could taste it. but i knew that crossing the river was important enough that dealing with the taste in my mouth was a minor issue compared to what i will accomplish by crossing it. writing this out made me just realized though that this dream was more about my life now, than a past one. what do you think?


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