How to Recognize Signs From the Universe

Listen to the Universe and See the Signs

The Universe is a great, big, spiritual life force and it sends us messages all the time. All we have to do is learn how to recognize the signs from the Universe and accept the help that’s offered. There are angels, spirit guides and even the souls of friends and family who have passed on all helping us from beyond. We get Universal assistance from various sources, whether we know it or not.

Examples of Signs

A huge sign that jumps out to catch your attention, a single word spoken by a passerby, the little voice that seems to come from within—any and all of these can be signs. If we can connect the dots between personal thought and the signs put before us, we can realize how blessed and how guided we really are.

The best way to recognize the signs we’re given is to just be accepting of the fact that they exist. The more tuned in you are, the more you will recognize and receive the signs from the Universe.

The Comforting Signs

Sometimes the Universe just wants to remind you that you’re being watched over and guided. You may find coins on a floor you just vacuumed, you may see a butterfly or a bird that is symbolic of someone you knew or perhaps you’re someone who often has the street lights above them go out just as you’re driving by. These are the comforting signs and they come from people who have touched our lives in the physical world or they might even come from a relative we’ve never met in life who holds a particular fondness for us.

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The Answering Signs

Have you ever had a question you were contemplating, and all of the sudden a truck passes with a big word painted on the side that seems to answer that question? Or perhaps you turned on the radio and the first word or song you heard seemed like it was made just to help you with your dilemma? Those are examples of answering signs. If you have questions, the Universe has answers.

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How to Recognize the Signs

We all have free will but the more open we are to receiving signs from the Universe, the more they can enhance our lives. The Universe wants only to help and guide us. Here is how you can open up to receiving guidance:

• Believe you are blessed and guided in your life
• Think or speak your acceptance of Universal guidance
• Be aware of your surroundings. Sometimes signs come when we don’t even request them or know that they are on the way. They can appear unsolicited and quite often.

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This is just a sampling of what the Universe does to let you know that it’s there and it’s listening and that it will give you all the assistance you are looking for. You just have to recognize the signs when you see or hear them.

13 thoughts on “How to Recognize Signs From the Universe

  1. laurie

    I believe in signs too. When I close my eyes at night, faces of people appear in my minds eye, very vivd pictures, as if the person was standing right in front of me. I also know, tho I don’t know how I know this, what the person is doing at that moment. Then they just disappear. I see mostly women but I have also seen a few men and children. I want to know who these people are that I see and why I am seeing them. I don’t see people every time I close my eyes, but I do more often than not. Does anyone have any ideas?

  2. Lisa from Chicago

    What a great article. I truly believe the signs that we get from our loved ones who`s crossed over. Mine would be nature related or songs would pop up on the radio.

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  4. LJ

    Dear Lawanna: You are very astute. You haven’t been missing the signs – you recognized them for what they were, you just let logic override the spiritual connection you have to the universe. I would say that your mind and your heart are pretty open – and the more open we are to the signs before us, the more blessed our lives can be. I wish you many blessings.

  5. LJ

    Dear Donna: Your feather and your rainbow were indeed signs. Sometimes signs just appear – and sometimes, as in your case, a sign can come in response to your request. Rainbows and feathers don’t speak words, but they were certainly saying to you “Your wishes have been heard.”
    We often look for signs to contain the answers we’re looking for – but the Universe in its infinite wisdom can see beyond our humanness and our limited ways of processing the logical and illogical – so sometimes the answers aren’t always what we “want” but they are answers that can see beyond what we can see ourselves. As a Native American you have the wisdom of your ancestors and the universe before you – and you recognize the signs and symbols readily – that is wonderful. I believe you received your signs too. Best of luck.

  6. LJ

    Michael – you can “hear” the angels in your heart and see their glorious signs with your eyes. I’m so sorry that your life is “very rough” but the birds and butterflies are there to remind you to spread your wings a little beyond your limitations. What do angels, butterflies and birds have in common? Wings! They are most truly a sign to you that you are guided and even though you cannot recognize it now – in some ways you are very blessed. Let your worries be carried away on those wings – whether it’s just a minute or for an hour – give yourself permission to feel cared for and to have your worries relieved a bit … tell a bird or butterfly a worry or problem and imagine that as they fly away, they are taking your problems with them out into the universe, and in return the universe will provide an answer, a solution or even just a ray of hope. One thing to always remember is that life is about balance. The more you speak or think your intentions to the universe, the sooner it will respond and help you find the answers – and eventually the flow will be constant and you will find peace. Feel blessed, because you are! Of that I’m sure.
    Take care … LJ

  7. Tracey P.

    I have been having visions of bad thing that will happens. Vision come about 24hrs before it happens. Very upsetting!!!! Please help me coupe.

  8. Hazel

    Donna I would most definately say that you did receive your signs from the universe. Feathers and especially rainbows are symbols of balance and peace. In regards to your situations at hand the universe is telling you to follow your heart and let love lead the way. Everything else will work itself out when you’re on the path you are supposed to be on.

  9. Hazel

    Michael, if you are hearing impaired your angels / spirit guides will find the best way to communicate with you so you can get a clear understanding. Imagery with symbols and words in your dreams will be a way they can communicate messages to you. Before you go to sleep at night or take a nap. Ask in your mind with your thoughts for guidance and direction from God, spirit guides and guardian angles to give you the answers you need to manifest all that you wish and desire. Peace and blessings.

  10. Lawanna Herbert

    Wow! I am glad to have read this I was wondering what was going on for a long time. I hear and see things all the time and nevar knew they were signs. I’ been missing a lot.

  11. Michael

    Well, you are right about the butterflies and crazy birds! They tend to be around me! That is since my life is very rough 🙁

    I am hearing impaired. How can I hear if angels try to communicate with me?

  12. Donna

    I have been struggling with a relationship. He is about to move and I am sure about going with him. His job is an hour away from my job, so this is a very stressful time for us. I have ask for a sign on a coupe occasions and I wonder if they are true signs. The first time was when he was looking for a job. I ask for a sign if I should go with this man if his job was out of town and he got a job offer he had even applied for in the town where I was born and raised. Then I ask for a sign and on two occasions when I was worried about the drive, I received a feather. On both occasions it dropped right in front of me (we are Native American) so the feather is special to me. Then because I was afraid I wasn’t receiving signs I ask once more and a beautiful rainbow appear in the cloudy sky. No rain just a rainbow and no matter which way the road lead us and we took lots of twist and turns. It was there in front of us. We were headed north, it was there, we turned south it was still in front of us. It stayed in front of us. I believe I received my signs.


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