Psychic Zofeya: A Sense of Peace

Psychic Zofeya ext. 5351 is a straightforward but compassionate reader who works with her Spirit Guides and Angels to bring forward guidance, insight and direction to her callers, leaving them with a lasting sense of peace. Though new to California Psychics, Psychic Zofeya ext. 5351 is a longtime reader.

“I’ve been doing readings for ten years,” she states. “The career path I’ve taken simultaneously is that of a mother. For a while all I did with my children was take care of them and raise them, and as they got older it was put more on my heart that this was my calling, and what I needed to do. As my children got older, I decided I needed to reach out and help more people. I do find myself counseling on family issues, because people have read that I was a mother. I find myself pulling on the psychic’s viewpoint, but also that of a mother. I’ve had a lot of wonderful people that are return callers that call back because of that, to help with a child or behavioral issues.”

How does she begin a reading?

“It begins with name. I pick up on vocal vibrations. I ask for a birthdate. I’ll ask them what topic it is, what they want to know about today. The tools I use are Tarot and Angel Cards. With tarot cards you can see many things regarding their lives; with Angel Cards you get messages on what your guides want you to know right then and there. I usually use Tarot, and then Angel Cards on request.”

How did Psychic Zofeya ext. 5351 begin?

“I’m a fourth generation psychic. My mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were of Celtic descent, and psychic, so I grew up in it. At the age of six, I realized that I could pick up on things, and see dreams that came to fruition. I could read people, and I could tell them things that I had no way of knowing. When my mother realized that I had the family gift, she nurtured it and my gift. As I got older, she taught me Tarot.”

Psychic Zofeya ext. 5351 experiences a strong sense of knowing in her solar plexus when she gets psychic information.

“That’s in my solar plexus, I get a sense of knowing – that’s usually from my guides. That’s just this knowing that I get. When I’m reading for somebody, I see it in my mind’s eye, but I also get a strong sense in my solar plexus when I’m connecting with someone. I can literally start to feel the situation. As I’m feeling the situation in my solar plexus, my guides and my angels show me more clearly the probable outcome of what’s happening with someone who’s calling.”

Psychic Zofeya ext. 5351 not only works with her own Guides, but works to connect callers to their own Inner Gurus:

“A lot of times, people are feeling lost emotionally. They have an emotion, a feeling, but they don’t listen to themselves. So I help people listen to their inner gurus and their inner light. They know which path they should take, or where they should go. So I help people listen to themselves, or find that divine intervention within themselves. Usually it’s through meditation and visualization. Each meditation and visualization I recommend is different based on the person, where they’re at emotionally and spiritually, and what their situation is.”

If there’s anything she’d like people in the world to recognize, what would it be?

“Energy is a very strong and powerful entity,” she explains. “The more positive energy you can put out, the more positive energy you can get back. One thing I counsel people to do is that if they are feeling low, try meditation for 5-10 minutes a day. Sit on your bed, take some deep and cleansing breathes, let your negative energy go, so you don’t have any negative energy from the day still on you at end of day. A lot of people have told me that they wake up refreshed and in a better mood. They wake up with positive energy, and they’re ready for the day.”

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Zofeya: A Sense of Peace

  1. Zofeya ext. 5351Zofeya ext. 5351

    Thank you so much Miss Krystal for your kind words. I would love the opportunity to meet you as well one day. Here’s to the power of positive thinking! 🙂

    Happy Holidays and Many Blessings,

  2. misskrystal

    I can see someone here with very psychic eyes…I can tell Zofeya can dig deep, right to the core, great with emotions. I think she is right on about energy! I really enjoyed this. Hope I would have the honor to meet you one day. Thanks for the article.
    Happy Holidays,
    Miss Krystal


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