How Psychic Readings Can Heal the Past

Step Into Your Past and Do Needed Healing Work With a Psychic Reading

I once worked with a client we will call Marie for confidentiality reasons—she came to me about her very complicated relationship with a man that she was crazy about. She was unhappy about the underlying tension with the emotional strangeness that was ever present but inexplicable.

She thought it was just nebulous stuff, and that it might disappear and that they could continue to date, but I saw for her a great obstacle in their path. When I tuned in to the past life connection the information I saw was a life filled with harsh realities conflicts between the heart and the head and third party manipulation. I was also able to cover other related issues at the same time around other people who were in her life right now that connected to the situation.

My guides are amazing beings; they allow what I psychically see to be changed and healed instantly. Marie found direct benefits from her reading and she even said “it’s like I’m new again.” She is now engaged to be married to her boyfriend.

Past life readings heal the timelines instantly as there is no distance, space or time in the universe of spirit. Only when the issues are tuned into psychically and acknowledged can there be a soul agreement to gain freedom.

Psychic readings are very powerful on their own as information is always useful, but it’s good to know if you’re wasting your time with that new lover—or if the next job going to be a good one.

Psychic or clairvoyant healing is an automatic byproduct of the work I do with my healing guides and my psychic channel, and it gives you instant access to the root of the experiences via the Akashic record. Healing the emotions (empathic body) happens instantly as a result of connecting to the Akashic record. This may all sound very involved but it’s as simple as you agreeing to have work done and my guides working through me to unlock your history and clear it out!

Is it always good to know everything in a reading, some people ask? Sometimes information can be disturbing, especially when this information is personal to you. Your guides will only reveal to you what you’re able to deal with in a manner that works for your highest good.

So what happens when people really fall in love? Past lives and love relationships are intimately entwined with each other, because it’s our “empathic memory” that is awoken and tells the emotions that someone has a connection with our life. Emotional memory causes your whole body to vibrate with loving memories and all the combined history between both people.

So just for the record there is more than one soulmate for everyone and this is so because we have lived many times having seen thousands of years of lives lived and loves come and gone. So if your soul connection is someone from the past, then the history may not always be so much hearts and flowers right!

Psychic readings honor the people being read at the deepest levels, as we all have different talents and special gifts to bring to the planet. When you’re on the right road, your work is fun and full of adventure.

So many people find themselves in the “slavery bin” as I like to call it! That place where the main focus is getting to the end of the week and staying alive. This sounds like no fun to me!

When we tap into our gifts things work effortlessly almost as we breathe so who’s waiting to take action? Fear is the only thing that keeps us from taking the next step to freeing ourselves from the “slavery bin” and it’s a vice most are victim to.

Remember that the mind is very automatic and it’s the programs we hold in the mind that stop us from having free will. So who programmed you? School, parents, past lives? This is endless!

Psychically connecting to your Akashic record (your history) with my guides insights and my psychic channel is a very fast, effective tool that brings more of you into focus on earth.

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