Psychic Raissa: Spontaneous Leaps of Consciousness

Raissa ext. 5361 became aware of her clairvoyant abilities and began experiencing premonitions early in her childhood. Over the years she utilized her natural gifts in her work as a leader of spiritual and healing groups within her community and as a life coach and crisis counselor. Raissa ext. 5361 is able to couple her experience working with people and her psychic talents to help her clients realize that they can have exactly what serves them best. She tunes into callers by asking them to say their first name and date of birth, which enables her to feel their emotions and connect to their needs. “The knowledge I receive during a reading comes directly from the need I feel in a client’s heart…” She communicates freely with the caller’s spirit guides, as well as her own. Raissa ext. 5361 enjoys reading on all issues, but specializes in love and relationships and destiny/life path. She delivers her guidance with compassion and a desire to inspire.

We sat down with Raissa ext. 5361 to discuss her unique philosophy on life and the psychic arts. We began by asking her how she got started:

“[I got started] when I was quite a bit older,” Raissa ext. 5361 shares, “but I had psychic experiences from my childhood on. It started to get fun in my late late teens; I happened to have had a crush on a fellow who was going to the World Series at Candlestick Park, and I wanted to know if he was going to be home in time to visit me after that game—and I plugged into the Loma Priya earthquake. I woke up at 5:30 the morning before, and saw the whole stadium shaking, that I was in an earthquake standing in the middle of the stadium. I went to school and told my journalism buddies, but I didn’t go.”

She also began work as a spiritual healer:

“I began working with the Theophostics,” she explains, “Learning about the laying on of hands, healing, helping them with issues. Kind of like a retreat. I began doing that about five years ago. God talk and healing talk. To be honest, I don’t feel like I’d be effective if I didn’t approach this from a healing standpoint. My callers can heal, and they can grow just by communicating with people. When someone hears something that they say, and they recognize as their own truth, and it came from them, not me, then it begins to feel like a process, and that it’s working through them. It’s a very special process, and group of people that call.

“When I connect, I feel something. Really it’s the tone of the person’s voice, even the way they breathe. It’s interesting how you can feel tears coming to somebody’s eyes when you’re not even standing there.”

What are her usual topics of focus?

“Usually long-distance relationships—usually it’s current relationships, or having issues. Many of my callers have communication issues in their relationships. I sense people reach out to me when they really need to change the dynamic in their relationships, when they need to change the tone, when they need to feel that the relationship is half theirs. Many women don’t perceive that the relationship is half theirs anymore. That might be scary to realize, because that might mean you need to step away from somebody you’re wrapped in. I think that’s an empathic trend in women. Women tend to be much more emotionally plugged in to partners that perhaps they just met. Maybe because communication is so easy and so common now, maybe people start to feel familiar with them. Women are too tuned in, too accommodating and flexible, too gushing, too empathic with people who just met them. Instead of making them feel great, they feel like they’re giving and not getting. I encourage them to look at a balance—what does their 50 percent look like them? If 30 days from now they don’t have that 50 percent, I might counsel them to consider new interests.

If there’s one thing she’d like everyone in the world to recognize, what would it be?

“That spontaneous leaps of consciousness are possible, and happen all the time. You can get a spontaneous leap of consciousness from just from somebody mentioning something, from somebody you didn’t even talk to, somebody can pass it on… it can depend on how open you are at the time, if you feel you’re ready to start listening. Spontaneous leaps can and do happen all the time.”

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