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I have learned so much from being a Medium. I believe in a higher essence to provide important information to be given to the client through me, as a Medium. I feel that I am able to be the messenger of that higher “spirited” side to provide the client with the guidance they may need in a reading.

“Have spirits come through in readings taught you anything?”
Absolutely! Sometimes in a client’s reading I may be taken back in time to a place and history I have never seen before. To see and sense that spirit’s experience at that time can be very powerful to me, amd I mediate that information to the client. Validation in a “spirited” reading taught me to believe in the afterlife.

“Were you able to teach anything to your callers from spirits?”
I have taught Spirit Communication classes in a continuing education environment and sometimes the world of Spirit enjoys participating. In a reading with a client, spirit can teach about family traditions and heritage to be shared in this life.

“Do you have any lessons from the other side that you would like to share?”
I was in a romantic relationship I thought was very connected, but that person had issues. A friend had asked to “incubate” a dream for me to determine why this person was in my life. In asking what that meant, she wanted my permission to go into dream state to mediate information for me.

That night, my own mother came to me in dream vision … she had crossed almost a year prior. In the dream, she looked wonderful! With no words spoken, she closed the double doors to her bedroom which was very ornate and decorated with a gold hue — different from her bedroom in this life. When she re-opened the doors after her “dream,” she told me that the reason this person was in my life was about his addiction and needed help. (And here I thought it was romantic!)

I found out later, after the relationship ended (shortly after her visit) he was arrested for drunk driving. My mother always shared her “pearls” of wisdom with me, especially in relationships. Now with her crossing over, she and my dad continue to do so!

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  1. L Gibson

    Dear Shamira – you have been wonderfully informative, helping my aching heart, by making contact with my daughter. What you described all fitted in with extraordinary accuracy.
    Thank you. Lucia

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