Psychic Maeve: Our Only Limits Are Self-Imposed

Maeve ext. 5360 is a veteran psychic who adeptly uses remote viewing, channeling, and mediumistic skills to offer deep counseling on issues of love, relationships, career, and finance. Her compassionate reading style is attuned to empower you to overcome challenges and become truly yourself.

We sat down with Maeve ext. 5360 to discuss her background, psychic training and spiritual outlook. She shared with us her beginnings in the psychic path:

“When I was three years old I had a great aunt who passed away,” Maeve ext. 5360 explains. “My mother asked if I wanted to say goodbye. When I went to the funeral home everybody was crying, but I saw my aunt standing at the end of the coffin smiling and waving. It was from then on that my mother told me not to tell anybody [about my gifts]. I’m the youngest of nine in a big Irish family. My father started having heart attacks when I was a young child. My mother used me as a barometer for my father’s health. I just assumed when I was a kid that everybody could do that. There was a point in my life where I would see something happen a few days before it did. It was quite unnerving.

“My father was psychic, I have three children who are all psychic, and now four grandchildren who are all psychic, too—my granddaughter reads auras, and my three grandsons are mediums. It’s good for them [to be in a psychic family], they have somebody to talk to. My father encouraged me not to talk about it, because it wasn’t accepted.

“One of the things I’m known for in the area I live is karma and past lives, and understanding the effects of karma on relationships. Karma is nothing more than a memory of something that’s happened before. And it emotionally ties you to someone so that you work out what you need to work out. An easy barometer is—if the relationship with the other person is very painful, it’s karmic. It can be if it’s good, but more often than not the karma comes from the painful relationship.

“If you are heartfelt enough, and you believe that by being with a person you’re not helping them, that they’d be better with somebody else working that issue out, you can cut ties. Once we’re in spirit we think we can handle anything. If you cut ties and say ‘I do not want to experience this again with you,’ then you can imprint that on your soul.”

She also works heavily with spirit guides and guardian angels:

“Often times when I’m talking to somebody, a spirit will come and want to make its presence known, and I will talk to them about talking to their spirit guides and angels. I suggest getting in a relaxed state, and then imagining climbing a ladder or stairway; at the top you will connect to your higher self. Talk to your higher self, ask your higher self to be with you and guide you. From there on you can connect to guides and angels. They will not interfere unless you ask them to. So talk to them. At that point, if there’s somebody you’ve been having a problem with, you can connect to their higher self, and allow yourself to release the stress you’ve felt in your relationship. Whenever you’re finished, imagine yourself climbing back down the stairway and coming back to the present.

“The more you practice it, the easier it becomes, and the more you’ll find the negative energy between you and the other person releasing. It will release the tangled energy. I’ve seen relationships become very positive after some time of doing that.”

What would she most like people to realize?

“That the only thing that limits us is ourselves. We have to work at strengthening ourselves, believing in ourselves, and motivating ourselves. The only relationship you can count on from the time you’re born to the time you die is yourself. Look inside yourself, know yourself, figure out what makes you tick, and what holds you back. Work on healing the things that are holding you back. That’s the best way to empower yourself.

“Most problems that people have are temporary and transient. If they would just ask for guidance from Source, from their guides and angels, they’d find that they’re always there to help you. You just have to believe and trust.”

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  1. Cameron ext 5412

    Krishna, thank you for this article. I loved reading about Maeve’s psychic history. Her story and the exercise to get in touch with the higher self are inspiring to me.


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