Psychic Lalita: Shamanism and Silence

Lalita ext. 5408 was born into an eclectic family comprised of an intuitive mother and a father who was a physicist. This influenced her as a reader, making her more investigatory in her approach, while maintaining a high level of divine awareness. Lalita can hear and feel matters of importance during a reading, but she mostly uses her clairvoyance to see one’s life purpose. She is able to see and receive messages from people who have crossed over. Lalita’s psychic strength lies in her clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient abilities, but she is also skilled at reading a variety of Tarot decks, rune stones and numerology. Her partially blind psychic parrot assists in her readings. She is in physical contact with Lalita during all of her readings and may pull cards or runes or act as a medium during the reading. Her parrot also provides additional confirmation for Lalita when she has touched on an issue that needs to be addressed by “tweeting” aloud. Lalita ext. 5408 has been a practicing shaman for over 20 years. She reads on all topics, but specializes in relationships, pets, totem readings and past lives.

We sat down with Lalita ext. 5408 to chat about her reading style and her personal path, and had a great discussion.

How does she connect to her callers?

“I ask them to visualize themselves surrounded by beautiful white light. That raises their own spiritual awareness, and pops them out like a beautiful lighthouse. It keeps negative energy out of their reading. If they’re asking about another person, I’ll ask them to bounce a white light over the heart of that person, and open up the reading to the other person to participate.”

Lalita ext. 5408 also discussed her psychic parrot:

“When I got her, when she was just a little baby, she was this bundle of beautiful green feathers and joy, perched over my heart. I would feel energy going into my heart. I started calling her my heart chakra bird. She’s such a sweet bird, a nice bird. Right around when she was 2½ or 3 months old, she showed me she was up to magic or mischief. On the phone when I was reading, she would walk down my jacket, flip over Tarot cards and hand one to me. It was like whatever she felt like, it was the info that she felt needed to be included. The last bird word! When people are crying, she’ll go up to the phone and give kisses to give love. We have a psychic bond, so I know what she’s thinking all the time.

“The big story is that she can see dead people. One night, I see this guy come into the house; he was a spirit. She flips out, starts shrieking and flies after him, chases him out of the house. From that time forward, she could see everything. She can chase out negative energy; she’s so tuned in that it’s scary. So I always have her with me. She’s my magician’s apprentice. She’s blind, and I think that’s why she can do this stuff. In the beginning, if I talked to her she would bite me, but now she knows my energy, so she’s safe. She has to feel out her environment. She won’t fly unless she’s chasing spirits. It’s kinda cool. I got lucky.

“If you say something that’s genuinely funny, my bird will punch in with a genuine laugh.”

Lalita ext. 5408 is also a practicing shaman, which she spoke to briefly:

“I’ve been practicing shamanism since the age of 18,” she replied. “I actually combine three different techniques—Native American shamanism, South American shamanism and a little dab of Tibetan shamanism. I created this hybrid, and it works. I call in the Gods, and incorporate my knowledge of different chants and tools, rather than starting with the tools and hoping to have some psychic experience. It’s very strange how I get called to do work with things at certain times. If I’m called to something, it will be right there in the path. I’m constantly learning.”

If she could help people in the world realize just one thing, what would it be?

“To follow the silence inside of themselves to find their own answers. Everybody has the answer, everybody was born with the answer, and everybody knows the answer, but it’s hard for them to find the silence to hear it. It’s everybody’s birthright to know. A psychic can listen to the silence inside you to hear the answer. That’s all we’re really doing—listening as hard as we can.”

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