Psychic Jacqueline Predicts Job!

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“Jacqueline is amazing! She told me that my part time job would offer me a full time position by the end of July. I told her that it was not possible because the budget wouldn’t allow it. I got my offer of full time employment yesterday. She also told me that I would be running into a gentleman I have had my eye on. She said it would happen out of the blue and it did! I love her. She is the BEST on your site in my opinion! Worth every dime!

– Anonymous”

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Jacqueline Predicts Job!

  1. zonairish

    well unfortunately I have not received any offers of a job. my psychic predicted i would have 2 competing offers and thought one I traveled to the other day to I would get an offer from. Well they told me they are not interested. The other is still interviewing. Right now it appears nothing is going my way. The only offers I get are for crappy part time jobs that are for kids.


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