One-Night Stands and Karma

We asked our psychics what the effects of karma are in one-night stands. Can karma be created by one-night stands? Can it be resolved?

“All human actions are subject to the laws of cause and effect and karma,” explains Psychic Nigel ext. 5311. “A one-night-stand is no exception. If a person has a sexual encounter outside of their committed relationship, they need to examine the real reasons that it happened. A psychic with the ability to look at past lives can be very helpful. A person often excuses their behavior and blames their committed partner. This is never the real reason. It’s just an excuse. But is the karma involved always bad? No! Sometimes it was the right thing to do.”

Psychic Yemaya ext. 5143 describes the big picture: “There are moments in every life where we have short term interactions with people, and some of them are part of a karmic dance that weaves spirits and souls like threads in a complicated tapestry, from life to life. There is no limit to how deeply one can ‘feel’ or be affected by a ‘one-night stand.’

“There was a boy that I knew when I was sixteen, briefly, whom I felt instantly comfortable with, but our paths went in different directions. Many years later, after a divorce, I was traveling alone from Arizona to Seattle, WA. When stopping for the night, we wound up at the same diner, hundreds of miles from where we had known each other. We talked of his divorce and my own as we shared a meal, and that led to a nightcap, which became a slow walk to my door. We stayed together through that night. He said that he had felt as if we were ‘supposed’ to have been together many years before, and I too felt as if something had been ‘resolved’ on a deep and karmic level that was much deeper than this one lifetime. We parted tenderly, yet with no attempt to get ‘contact information’ that would allow us to reconnect again. We had completed whatever agreement or contract was required, and I still smile to this day when I think of him!”

What do you think – what karmic results do one-night stands bring?

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2 thoughts on “One-Night Stands and Karma

  1. Bridget Wuerdeman

    Well I have had one night stands. Was there karma involved well maybe. Of course when I had these I wasn’t in any type of relationship nor was the other person. I think it made me feel alive again. After all you know there one night stands so your going to give it your all. You only get to leave them with one immpersion . So you have to leave one hell of a good one. Also they can tell you what you need to improve of.

  2. indigodanceindigodance

    It never ceases to amaze me the power of Karma. I am at the moment finding out that my husband of 30 odd years has started seeing other women. I have now met a man who I adore, but lives too far away to have a proper relationship with. But even for the distance between us, our conversation as led to such powerful insight, I am truly gifted to have a karmic moment with him.

    Much of what we have discussed is about our past relationships, our frustrations, our unhappiness, our happiness – and effects our actions have on other people.

    But one of the most powerful lessons we have shared, is to sit and reflect on karmic passions and indiscretions…. yet whilst he is still trying to find comfort in his actions, I am at total peace now – karma has been resolved. Much, like written in this article – one nightstands that did have a purpose.

    Love to all, Carole xxx


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