Psychic Casey: Reinvent the Self

Casey ext. 5385 is a born psychic who has been reading professionally for about thirty years. She developed her natural gifts by studying extensively under many metaphysical teachers. To connect, she asks your name, date of birth and question. During readings, Casey ext. 5385 uses numerology, Tarot and astrology coupled with her intuition to pick up on your energy. She gets confirmation from her Spirit Guides as well. Although she enjoys all questions, Casey ext. 5385 specializes in relationships, past lives, karma, and how spiritual contracts intertwine in peoples’ lives.

We sat down with Casey ext. 5385 for an excellent conversation on her outlook and path.

How did she get started?

“Psychic abilities go back three generations in the maternal side of my family,” Casey ext. 5385 relates, “and I had my first experience at age five; and I was raised by my grandmother, who was extremely well known in the area we resided in. Because of her influence and that experience in my life, I’ve developed a passion for exploring and studying every metaphysical venue I could find.

“I believe my true gift is in assisting people to recognize their personal vibration, in identifying their destiny path, their spiritual assignment and spiritual contracts on this earth. In identifying these things we empower ourselves to connect with the exact individuals who hold our soul imprints, and indentify what our true purpose of service is here on this earth, and in so doing bring empowerment and joy into our lives.”

Why can that be so difficult for people?

“I believe we’re sometimes imprinted by parents and caretakers, through what their hopes for us are, and I believe we have to grow emotionally and spiritually to a place where we lovingly appreciate their assistance, but we are also able to come to a point where we can accept what our vibration truly is, and our true assignment here on this earth. One of the things I recognize is that what we need most after food and water is love and purpose. When we can identify those two things in our life, then we can all say that we have arrived.”

How have her views changed in her over thirty years of psychic work?

“As I’ve grown, I’d say that I’m continuing my spiritual path,” Casey ext. 5385 relates. “I don’t believe that our growth ever ends. It continues with us to the last breath we take on this earth. As I have grown, my knowledge of who we are at the deepest place of our soul has been altered. I’ve used my gifts very differently. As I’ve grown spiritually, my work has grown spiritually. Therefore, the work I’m doing now is on such a higher vibrational level than when I started.

“Right now one of things I’m working on is assisting people to prepare themselves for dealing with the energies that are just sort of racing towards us. These energies are rapidly changing, and going to continue to change, now, in 2012, and into 2015. We need a clearer understanding of what that’s going to mean; that’s about transformation rather than fear, and how to prepare their own lives with the changes that are taking place on the planet to be in accordance.

“The best way to do that is RE-INVENTION. We’re going towards a Renaissance period on this earth , in which we’re all going to have to learn to reinvent ourselves. We’re all going to have to learn to be more selfless, and to remember that less is more.”

What’s the best way to do that?

“Honor and remain true to your sacred self. In my opinion, your sacred self is not the impression you give to the world, not the costume you wear—it’s the true essence that you know at the deepest level of your being you truly are, and what service your higher self knows it is meant to extend to others. To tap into that, you have to be willing to let go of many many things externally and internally. You have to lay down a lifetime of judgements, imprints, false beliefs, and you have to be willing to be still long enough to hear the answers.

“We ask so many questions, but then get so busy trying to figure it out and make it happen for itself that we forget to be still and hear the voice of the higher self when it’s trying to talk to us. Try one hour a day walking in nature, meditating or practicting yoga, where you can get into a state of higher bliss. We have to take ourselves out of the frenzy of trying to make things happen, and remember that things start with a thought, word and feeling. The answers are in us. Everything we will achieve begins internally, not externally.”

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  1. misskrystal

    Very impressive. Would love to meet her.
    She also seems very understanding. Great spirit.
    Nice to meet you, Casey! Thanks Krishna 😉
    miss krystal


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