Plant Spirit Guides & Devas

Lynne from Evergreen, Colorado writes:

I would like to know if I have any plant Spirit Guides, how to work with them, and their purpose in my life. Thank you for your consideration!

Dear Lynne,

You definitely have at least one plant Spirit Guide and, while meeting Plant Guides isn’t an every day occurrence for me, I do encounter them, and actually have one myself.

Your first Plant Guide came to me in a form I don’t encounter often, announcing itself first with the powerful aroma of mint, and then showing itself to me as a large, flourishing patch of mint surrounding the presence of the Pagan god Pan or the Green Man, who is Lord of the Forest, Nature, and, in some belief systems, all physical form. In this form, a Plant Guide is asking to work directly with you physically.

Mint may seem disappointingly common to you, but it is a powerful healing herb which can aid digestion, relieve stomach cramps or nausea, calm nervous tension and anxiety and generally refresh your body. Apparently you need Mint’s properties for your physical well-being! But, more than that, any form of mint, from tea to dried mint leaves in potpourri, even to peppermint candy, can help you — not everyone, but you specifically — reach a meditative, harmonized state that opens your inner gateways. Its presence can promote communication with your other Guides, support physical healing and well-being, and enhance your spiritual attunement.

Your second Plant Guide chose to remain hidden, indicating that its presence and function are extremely powerful, private, and sacred to you alone. This second one is the other type of Plant Guide, which is usually called a Deva. It is a kind of angelic being that watches over the form and global health of a particular animal or plant species, such as Pumpkin Deva or Rose Deva. These Plant Guides usually appear as sparkling, idealized plant or animal forms, and this type of Guide’s role in a person’s life is similar to its function in its ecosystem. For example, Fireweed is normally one of the first plants to appear after a natural disaster like fire, softening the soil and preparing the earth for renewal. A person with Fireweed Deva or Fireweed Spirit as a Guide has a similar task in life, helping people recover from disaster and opening their hearts for renewal.

I am told that your second Plant Guide is already beloved by you, and that if you expand your appreciation beyond its beauty to learn its function in nature you will understand how it supports and directs your spiritual evolution.

Sorry for the mystery, Lynne, but I feel confident that you’ll discover the rest of the information you want very easily. Just surround yourself with the presence of Mint, relax and open yourself to what comes.

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