Past Life Piracy

I’m always talking about the importance of regression work in the things that I do… and have I got a story for you this time. Here’s an example of what can happen when you go through a regression. Bear in mind that if you’re doing it for the first time, you may have a little trouble with it, but practice makes perfect.

I performed a regression with a client of mine who had trouble being in or around water. Whilst there was no obvious reason for this in their current life, I took him back a little further.

The life he regressed to placed him in the Caribbean Islands, when pirates were in their heyday. The regression was very informative, and fun for the most part. It was fun right up to the point were he was seized by what appeared to be British Redcoats, and dangled over the side if the boat. He was dipped into the water several times, held under, then pulled out. This happened quite a few times, until he actually drowned. Not a pleasant way to go, but with the proper coaching, he got through it, saw his spirit leave his body, and was able to watch the proceedings from a safe and secure distance.

This was the first time he was able to connect to his sudden departure from this plane in that life. He was able to make peace with it, and when I brought him out of the regression, he said he noticed a different feeling when he thought about water. It took a few attempts at actually going into the water before he was able to shake this phobia completely, but he did.

This is an example of a healing regression – they can work wonders for getting rid of the unreasonable fears that we acquire due to the journey of our soul through various planes and life-times.

How can regression therapy help you?

6 thoughts on “Past Life Piracy

  1. Kate

    Hey! I’m 16 and I know my past life 🙂 I was a pirate, a female one. I know because I ”saw” things connected with my past life. I feel extremely connected with pirates and ships. I am by no means a ”fangirl” of some movie. I just ”know” things about pirates and when somebody asks ”Where did you hear that? ” i’m like ”I just know” My first time at the seaside (I was 1 year old an i think…9 months) and i AWLYS ran to the sea. They could NOT stop me in any way (its still like that ) They ask me where ports are and I point them on the map even if i hear the name for the first time. I see the mistakes in movies (they say ”this is a captains cabin from the 18th century”[my century] and I’m like ”What?!?Nooo are you crazy! Nobody buys those anymore” I talk about some things as if I was there…I was born somewhere around 1700-1707. And thats about it…Just wanted to share it…I died of old age i think…
    My regards,

  2. ivyx5198

    Hello Hern, I love stories like these. Bless yor little heart for taking the extra time to help your client heal. I’m not suprised. That is how you roll:) Keep helping with happy endings!
    Ivy oxox

  3. hern

    Thank you Gina – finding out how it is serving you is the key to healing it.
    Hey Abigail, that’s how I tune up also.
    IrishRaven – thanks for stopping by, keep coming back – I’ll talk with you later

    Hern 5239

  4. irishraven

    That is very interesting that making peace with something that happened in a past life can help you in your current life. Is this a common thing for people to address issues in their current life after making peace with events from a past one?

  5. abigailx9570

    Very nice Hern,
    It’s amazing the cellular memories we all carry 🙂 On my trip back east I’m doing another regression myself with my mentor call it my spiritual tune up! I love doing past life regressions to move those stuck in unknown fears and phobia’s. I’m an old soul so who knows what will show up LOL

    Many Blessings

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Hern,

    Excellent article Hern !!!!!! ,
    You brilliantly explained how a past life regression can help a person overcome their fears…..this is an perfect example of the practical reasoning behind having a regression done,….

    ….. and how a past life regression can serve you in THIS incarnation/lifetime.

    Great job !!!!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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