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Everything is affected by the flowing tide of natural and astrological energies. As spring bursts forth into the sign of Taurus, we feel the influence of the bull’s earthy force. The question is how do we not only give into this energy, but use it?

Taurus, the bull, is an ancient symbol of natural power, of growth, plants, blossoms and gardens. It’s associated with food, cooking and home. This is a sensually indulgent sign that enjoys the sensations of taste, sound, scent, sight and touch. Due to its strong physicality, and its rulership by Venus, it has slow, smoldering sexual aspects. Its qualities are beauty, value, harmony, and a connection to inner resources and gifts.

Yet, this earthy sign is also concerned with the concrete, the real, practicality and security. So how do you harness these useful qualities?

The specifics areas in which you’d most benefit from utilizing Taurus energy depends on your personal birth chart. But no matter what your chart says, you can take this time to realize your earthiness, your practicality and your ability to turn an initial impulse into a reality.

Taurus excels at taking the impulses for new projects and realizing them through methodical action. If Aries represents the breath of inspiration for new ideas, then Taurus is the will and drive that makes those dreams real and successful.

Recently, you may have felt a pull towards a new direction in your life. Now is the time to start to ponder: What is this faint impulse? What are the spiritual aspects of your idea? Could you bring this idea to life?

Here’s a quick guide to putting your dreams under the helpful astrological forces at your disposal:

  1. Take a few moments to reflect upon what projects are calling you to bring them to fruition.
  2. Then, use the practical influence of Taurus to sketch out your dream-project.
  3. Number a sheet of paper from 1-20 and write down 20 ideas to make this project real. What are the bare-bone practical demands that need to be addressed to make this work?

    You may find yourself faltering at around 8 or 12, but press on; you’ll be surprised at the hidden inspirations that will reveal themselves.

  4. From the above list pull out the five best ideas. Put them into order of priority (considering what you will most enjoy) and then break them down into ‘baby steps.’
  5. Next, choose a reasonable time frame for your project. Take out a calendar and mark the stages of your project. Keep it handy so that you’re reminded to stay on track.
  6. If possible, enlist a friend or form a group to provide support and accountability for your project.
  7. Choose a reward for completing the project, or if it’s a long, complicated project select a reward for each stage. This will help you stay motivated!
  8. Get going! There’s no time like the present to bring your dreams to fruition!

When your project is finally done, remember to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate your achievement. Often people tend to move on without letting the accomplishment settle into their idea of themselves. You’ll be far more successful if you’re aware of how much you’ve already done – according to the archetype Taurus.

It’s time to be ‘bullheaded’ about what you can achieve – because beneficial natural energies are there in support of your dreams!

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