Music to Her Ears

I sometimes get musical messages: poignant lyrics from songs I may not even like or have heard recently, but that always are very pertinent to what’s happening in my life, and sometimes words (answers) in my head, but in the sound of my own voice. Are these messages from my Spirit Guides? They always take me aback when I hear them, and are often not what I expected to be the case in the situation they relate to.

Thanks, Beth from London

Dear Beth,

Musical messages from Spirit Guides are far more common than you might think, and in my experience they’re the kind most often experienced by people who have some inborn psychic or intuitive ability but aren’t really working on developing a relationship with Guides.

It’s my theory that since music is closer to pure energy than, say, a billboard or a book on a shelf, it’s easier for non-physical beings to arrange messages that way. Also, I find that musical messages are often really funny. One woman recently related to me that she’d succumbed to temptation in a crystal store and spent way too much money on a large watermelon tourmaline. She was sitting in her car struggling with buyer’s remorse when the radio blared out the old, old, old Jamaican song “Watermelon Man.” The buyer’s remorse disappeared!

Also, you noted that the content of your messages is often not what you expected, and that’s a really important key to learning how to determine the difference between wishful thinking and messages from Guides. You might be tempted to doubt the messages you hear in your head, especially since they’re in your own voice. Don’t! Instead, pay attention to where in your head you “feel” those messages, especially the ones that are unexpected, as opposed to where wishful thinking occurs, and keep track of how accurate the messages are. It will help you become more and more confident that they’re really Spirit Guide messages.

Since there’s a great deal going on in your life right now, you can expect to be receiving lots of messages, and in many forms. It will help that you already have two very successful message conduits, and I encourage you, no matter how chaotic things might be, to stay tuned in. Your Guides are clever, innovative and really pretty excited about the possibilities opening up in your life. They’ll not only be leading you to resources and people you need, they’ll also help you understand and recognize the opportunities that are inherent in this time of change.

Many magical doors are opening for you; enjoy the blessings!

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