Money Matters: What’s Your Career Strategy?

Jennifer in Kansas City, Missouri asks:

I’m currently enrolled at the University of Phoenix for a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I worry about the tuition and being able to find a satisfying career when I complete my education. Is this a good field of study for me, or should I go a different route? I’m back and forth on this decision, but my deadline for a confident answer is getting close. I started January 31, 2011 and have been wanting to go back to school for the last several years, but I want to be able to pay the loans back when I finish school too, please help! Excited but lacking confidence.

Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 Responds:

At this point, making your way in the world seems like an overly complex puzzle. Don’t prevent yourself from mastering the actions necessary to achieve your ultimate career. Your confidence in decision making will greatly increase when you know you are going forward with plans that really work.

By balancing obligations and minimizing frustrations you can reach opportunities ahead of you. Working fulltime will allow you to keep your finances under control. Leaving the working world can lengthen your journey and make other goals more distant. To attain the shortest route look for a job in your field of interest.

Obtain a position as an office employee, case manager’s assistant, or anything similar for a business that has social workers, therapists, or counselors. Temporarily stay in a full-time job until you’re able to pinpoint work in your chosen career. Continue looking every week because opportunities pop up unexpectedly. Completing a degree first will not assist you as much as placing your foot in the right door.

While working, take courses to become a licensed social worker or counselor. Only attend programs that definitely put you in placements in your area. Check with local social agencies and health care facilities to see if internship positions are currently in place with any school you could attend. Don’t leave your tomorrows to chance.

Being aware of our competitive job market will make programs with existing internships more valuable. An inside opportunity is your best bet on receiving satisfaction once your degree is complete. Staying informed about what’s out there will catapult you to the future you are working hard to receive.

Everyone’s life is made up of phases where things flow easily without effort. Then we feel blocked; when every day may involve the nightmare of pushing a boulder up a mountain. These tough intervals can at first appear impossible. But when we break the tasks into smaller pieces everything can become as chewable as you like.

The key to getting through rough rides is by not allowing our hopes to override practicality. Roadblocks occur when worrying about time constraints, or being overwhelmed with new obstacles. Keep yourself engaged in making necessary changes so it becomes part of your normal routine.

Wanting to make a difference in other people’s lives gives you a friendly and caring demeanor. Others feel your genuine warmth and vitality. You are truly blessed with the knowingness to obtain your destiny. Correcting natural tendencies will keep you in your life instead of feeling outside of it.

When we make decisions in the right direction—job satisfaction magically occurs without much upheaval. Your misgivings are valid. Instinct is telling you to increase your success by taking additional measures. Learning this will help you assist individuals in your future career.

Having well-defined strategies on how to go forward is telling yourself you are worth it! People will listen to you when they know you have kept balance in your life. Decisions made during this blueprint stage will greatly affect you in your next decade. Make selections that allow you to imagine even bigger dreams for the duration of your life.

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  1. Erry

    OMG hahahah Dude i have gave lot’s of reaidngs to people before But this 1 just blow me away it give me the chills I love it so much You are so amanzeing great i send you many blession and i love you pickup on the relationship i do feel spirit’s and get readom thoughts from them .And i psychic Humm seeing them and hereing them oh wow 2008 is get more powerful i can’t wait i really looking out in april i can not thank you so much .I LOVE YOU

  2. Matthew Coles

    why did my grandparents work me like a slave and promise me our home and gave me the deed with my name on it and just before they died they made out a new deed to my father and gave it to him and he never did nothing much like i did why when i win i lose and i got something in my house doing things.

  3. Maisha

    this is very good i enjoyed reading every word of this writing posted. i wish though that we could do a career test an it will tell us what career out there in this world is the perfect one for us…..


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