Meeting Her Spirit Guide

Lisa from Douglassville, Pennsylvania writes:

Recently I took a Reiki I class, again, to partner with a friend who was taking it for the first time. While everyone was being attuned, I was unable to meditate and, becoming uneasy about it, I opened my eyes, looking at the floor. When I closed them again I had a vision of a blue-gray, blurred face wearing a pointed hat with a distinct gold pair of wings above, then I was attuned. I felt comforted, and I am assuming that that was a Spirit Guide. Can you ask why they came at that time, and maybe who they are? Will they show again? How can I call on this guide, and what can they help me with? I will be grateful for any advice or suggestions. Thank you.

Dear Lisa,

The experience you describe was a powerful introduction to your main healing Spirit Guide. You will definitely be seeing each other again, and often, if you continue to develop your healing and spiritual abilities. While its main purpose is healing, your Guide is more than willing to serve as a conduit for communication with other Guides until you have a chance to develop more individual relationships.

Being in any kind of spiritual development class or workshop situation, whether it’s for Reiki or psychic development or remote viewing, is like being in any other kind of sacred space: a church, an actual sacred site like Stonehenge, a Hindu puja, or a ceremonial circle created for healing or spiritual work. In this kind of protected, spiritually enclosed space, energy is focused, refined, and increased, and everyone’s access to “unseen worlds” is greatly enhanced. In other words, it’s a great place to meet Spirit Guides!

While I prefer not to give out a person’s Spirit Guide names in this kind of public forum, I can tell you that this Guide has been with you for many lifetimes, has been your teacher several times, and is here as much to help you recall your already extensive knowledge of healing as it is to help you develop new skills. Eventually, this being will give you its name. In the meantime, you can call on this Guide when you meditate, any time you’re doing Reiki or other kinds of healing, or actually in any circumstance, simply by imagining the face you saw and asking for help, either aloud or in your mind.

By the way, I’m asked to tell you that the fact that you have a powerful healing Guide doesn’t mean that you should drop everything else in your life and become a professional healer, unless you feel that drive all the way to your soul. Your gifts are as powerful and effective in a corporate setting, in a classroom, or in a family setting, and applying them in these types of settings is just as meaningful and important as it would be if you did spiritual healing professionally.

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