Meet Your Spirit Guides: Face Change with Courage

Sienna from Ukiah, California asks:

I have a spirit guide who gave his name as Joshua many, many years ago. At first we did automatic writing, until I disbelieved it was him, and decided it was “just” me, and gave up. In the past few years, Joshua is the one I turn to mentally when stuck. He always answers me: “I am here, my child,” and usually puts useful suggestions into my mind following my questions.

I was given a new life six years ago, and am now a school music teacher in a beautiful small town. I would like to retire in three years, somehow, to a place where the weather agrees with me better. I could still teach privately, but feel pulled to do more creative things with my time, like write and play chamber music, and weave on my loom.

My question is: Is there specific instruction I need to ask Joshua for? What do I need to do to get onto this other path? How can I afford to move? (I live in a trailer that I can’t now sell for its $45,000 value.)

I love reading your posts, and thank you for taking the time to respond.

Dear Sienna,

Thanks for the compliment!

I see that you’re living in one of my favorite parts of the country, and since I keep getting a picture of you among the tall redwoods, I’m wondering if you’re drawn to the cool, rainy weather and strong artistic community further north in the coastal Eureka to Trinidad area. It could suit you down to your toes in many ways. I also got a picture, perhaps from Joshua, of the trailer you currently own being driven up along 101 to that area.

One of the beauties of spirit guides is that thinking of the right question isn’t the kind of make-it-or-break-it deal that it can be with oracles. In your place, I’d just ask Joshua for ongoing suggestions and recommendations for when, where and how to make your move.

Be prepared to get answers in several ways besides your usual methods. For starters, how about getting back to your automatic writing? In addition, I see synchronicities, written material being brought to your attention in striking ways, surprising connections with people, and more. Just be alert!

In checking out the astrological information you provided, Sienna, I noted that while anticipating the chaos of change can be difficult for you, in the end you sail through it, attracting solutions from amazing places. I also note that while you have profound psychic gifts, they comes with a kind of built-in lack of confidence that serves as a doorway that you must consciously push through in order to reach the next level. I suspect that planning and executing your move will give you plenty of motivation to stretch your capacities and reach new heights!

Good luck, Sienna! This change should go very well for you.

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One thought on “Meet Your Spirit Guides: Face Change with Courage

  1. Yuko

    Sister Susan,I’m afraid all our clckos are ticking, and we spend so much time on other matters (making a living rather than making a life, tending to this earthly garden rather than the garden of our souls). I know your’s to be a good, kind soul, and can’t wait to see what becomes of it.Pax Christi,Br. James


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