Intuitive or Psychic?

What’s the difference between being psychic and intuitive? There is a difference – in fact, one can lead to the other. Let’s take a look.

Intuition is something that all people have. Sure, some people have stronger intuition than others, but to a degree intuition is present in all human beings. Intuition is our “instinct.” It’s that feeling that the person you are talking to is lying. It’s the constant vibes we are getting throughout the day on the job, when meeting new people, when having conversations and interacting with others. Intuition is usually felt and built upon by previous experiences, teachings and environment. It is our “animal” instinct, and often very present in children. Instinct is not necessarily passive. In other words, it often serves as a warning system and entails a direct benefit to our well-being or the well-being of those we care about.

Psychic Ability
Psychic ability often begins with strong intuition, and the ability to trust it. It is what happens after the initial gut feeling and, depending on whether you are clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient, involves other areas of the body. Most of the time, psychic “visions” are detached from one’s own being. In a psychic vision, one is a mere bystander, and witnesses what is happening like an observer. It doesn’t really follow rhyme or reason, and sometimes doesn’t even make sense. It usually happens when focusing on others, instead of oneself. The details one gets from a psychic vision are more prominent, and usually do not require any knowledge of the person, who they are or what experiences they may have had. The details usually show things no stranger could have possibly known, and do not depend on time or space – i.e., they can involve details from a person’s past.

When one has a psychic vision, there is often a feeling of “absentness.” It feels as if one has temporarily “left the body,” and a movie starts rolling behind one’s eyes, literally showing life events and situations of the person one zooms in on. There is a generally detached observation involved, which is totally absent of “judgment.” In other words, the fact that one loves or cares for a person is irrelevant. This is why it is also unimportant if one knows the person well, or has never met them at all.

How or why this works is still a mystery to me. I have tried to find a scientific explanation for years. Alas, all I did was drive myself insane. A few visits to different doctors like an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist, an internist, a general practitioner and a psychiatrist merely confirmed that I was perfectly healthy and definitely not crazy.

I don’t know if there is an “outer source,” i.e. a supernatural being or god at work, or if it is an inner source, i.e. my brain. All I know is that I found myself puzzled when I tried to figure out how I would know things before they’d happen, or why I would get this “movie” thing. The best way I can explain it is that “seeing” this way has often specific physical sensations attached. For example, my eyes start watering and blinking a lot, because it feels as if I am staring into a very bright light. My hands often get very hot, sometimes there is a rushing sound in my ears, which makes it hard to actually “hear” what a person is saying, once the “reel rolls.”

I am fully aware of how crazy this sounds. Hence, I have kept this a secret most of my life and felt rather ashamed, instead of proud. If you, or someone you know, are wondering about the intuition or psychic thing, this is the best explanation I can offer without sounding like a total loon. I also highly recommend looking up the phrase “Indigo Children.” It explained a whole lot to me, including why I felt isolated, why I kept things a secret and why my eyes always have and still often freak people out (especially “dark” or evil people).

Do you have experiences of psychic flashes? What are they like?

8 thoughts on “Intuitive or Psychic?

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  2. indigodanceindigodance

    Gina Rose – you wrote exactly what I have been saying for years about the mis interpretation of Indigo and parents thinking their child with behavioural disorders like ADD etc…

    I even wrote about some of the authors out their making so much money with prolifiant publications on “how to feed” “how to nuture” etc… when in essence the child is out of control and its nothing to do with spiritual gifts waiting to explode and save the world. So true, I feel, we are bombarded with articles from greedy authours on these wonderful beings about to save our planet – where in essence the reverse is true – they are not Indigos, they are dark energy.

    There is so much greed and self indulgence – look at the celeb culture runing our lives. Normal men and women are made to feel like freaks because they dont fit in… so what do many do, live their life as one big lie and mount massive debt to cultivate it.

    I sit in dismay that the world is so over taken with such dark energy – this is what they are – where is the light, its in people like us.

    I said before – we all have gifts, but pushy parents and ego chasers and totally diminished what should be a beautiful journey (ok – hard for many, like myslef). But I have so much love and light in me, those with dark energy run away, my intuition guides me thorough my problems and issues.

    I know what an Indigo is – I am one – but it is not what many have labled us to be. I am very intuitive, but not fully psychic – to me an indigo who is some like me acts as a mirror to those who will not see the damage they are doing to themselves and others. People walk away from me as they do not wish to see… I see truth and I see darkness – When people cant relate to something, they make it turn ugly – that way its easy to comdem and critise, its easier than facing truth face on…

    All I say is bring it on… the world is in decay… and Indigo knows they are an indigo – they dont need a lable or to be told by ego driven parent – or analyzed by some person who thinks they know better.

    A true indigo works in the background, we dont need a platform to do our work, we work with mother nature and planet earth – not marketing mainia..

  3. Carmen Hexe

    When you are told that you have “evil” eyes. When people are afraid of you because, apparently, you are looking “straight to their soul” and fee like they are under the microscope, a possiblity like this gave me a way to understand. When you grow up isolated and alone and can’t figure out why you are different, I can see how that would drive certain people to numb. Am I special because I didn’t choose alcohol or drugs? No, not at all. I just felt that I was plugged into something that didn’t “allow me to take the easy way.”

    I am not against labels, unless they are mean, demeaning or insulting. I am also sad that certain labels are not only vastly misinterpreted, but abused as well.

    Last weekend I started a 9 week course on “Joyful Living.” The first one was about healing one’s pain. What is the one thing that kept standing out for you, your reoccuring theme, if you will, she asked each and everyone of us. My answer “not feeling human and to this day feeling as I don’t belong or fit in, even though I do a damn good job in appearing as such…”

    Psychiatry and psychology are my friends and I studied them for a while. But they don’t offer a lot of the answers.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear Carmen,

    Don’t feel bad…..back in 1986, when This Psychiatrist and myself started to dig into this info…..we were just as excited about it as you.

    Hope I didn’t come thru as too harsh… know I think highly of you and your five-star articles….!!!!

    Hugs….Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. Carmen Hexe

    Dear Gina Rose,

    I shall stand corrected. I was told about this a few years ago and saw a movie about it. There were a lot of things within this movie that resonated deeply with me.

    I think for me it’s just still a journey of trying to find answers. 🙂

    Love and light

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    As a sad sidenote……I’ve come across too many parents in the last 15 years who swapped the ” label ” of ADD or Bi-Polar Manic depressive, or emotionally disturbed child instead for the fantastic, fluffy and warm with promise,New Age ” label ” of Indigo child…….

    The sad part is that these so-called Indigo children kids, now grown, are still drunk, still hooked on hard drugs including heroin & meth, still unable to function in society, still unable to hold a job due to lack of education, still have anger management problems, still feel entitled ( due to their label)……..while the parents are still waiting for these fantastic gifts to emerge.

    My point is this : Lets not hide behind labels…..ANY type of labels…..lets take a hard look at our children as individuals and give them the guidance, care, attention and counseling they require as individuals.

    as far as psychic abilities go….everybody is born with the 6th sense of intuition… some cases it surpasses the normal level of intuition and is then termed, or seen as enhanced psychic ability.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,

    Interesting article……I agree with you……

    ….. with the exception of the indigo child theory…..I researched this theory, many years ago, with one of the top Psychiatrists in the country…..who is very open minded to this stuff in general.

    I do not believe in the indigo child theory…..and I actually feel it is dangerous to slap that ” label ” on young children, or anybody for that matter, as the indigo-child is highly-dysfunctional in terms of it’s own identifying markers of description.

    Psychic children and ” indigo children ” are something completely different from each other. The psychic child is gifted with highly evolved psychic abilities.

    All of the so-called ” indigo children ” I’ve seen were kids with anger issues, and emotional issues….many were highly dysfunctional. ******* Many had drug and alcohol addiction issues as well. Many lacked ordinary social skills…..

    I would be highly insulted to have that label slapped on me…or my 2 year old GrandDaughter who is showing signs of REAL psychic ability…….MINUS the trademark dysfuctional markers of the ” indigo child”.

    ******* That ” label “, Indigo child, also relieves the parents, in denial,of actually having to ackowledge and deal with the serious REAL issues going on within their child… is a fantastical label of pure denial…..and a convenient money-maker to boot for the mentors who push that theory.

    I was born psychic… I am natural born psychic…………but an indigo child ?????

    ……… I’m psychic…..What I’m NOT is hiding any dysfunctional emotional issues or addictions behind a made up label of convenience.

    Dear Carmen……you are a strong intuitive…..but don’t drink the Kool-aid concerning the indigo child theory….

    Blessed Be )O( my friend…..

    Gina Rose ext.9500

  8. sedonaextension5272

    Dear Carmen,
    Thanks for your insightful article.

    I agree, developing and refining innate intuitive skills can open psychic experiences.



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