Happy Birthday Joan Baez!

Joan Baez, the vibrato-voiced Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, who emerged during the 1960’s folk music scene, has devoted much of her time and celebrity to social and charitable causes. This idealistic Capricorn has received a long list of honors for her commitment to worldwide movements for peace and human rights.

Sun conjunct Mercury and Sun trine Uranus are just some of the astrological placements which have inspired her independent-thinking and truth-seeking nature as she marched the front lines with Martin Luther King, Jr., took to the fields with Caesar Chavez and visited tree-hugger Julia Butterfly in her 180-foot high perch by crane, in support of her cause to save a 1500-year-old Redwood tree.

Joan Baez’s relationship with a young Bob Dylan brought his music into the spotlight, and her romance with ’60s draft-resister David Harris led to her only marriage. With her Moon in independent Gemini, it’s not surprising that she wrote in her memoir, “I was made to live alone” and “I expect to be single all the days of my life.”

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