7 Signs a Guy is Into You

There are signs to tell if a guy is really into you. The laws of attraction have been confusing, but knowing he’s interested is very helpful. One of the most frustrating questions is simply, ‘Does he really like (love) me?’ Men are often very hard to read. Not only are we less inclined to show much emotion, but we we’re also scared of rejection. And half the time, we’re wondering if you’re that into us.

What if we could somehow bypass all that uncertainty, and see into a person’s thoughts? Fortunately, human intention, as well guarded as it may seem, is often worn on the sleeve in the form of subconscious body language. From head to toe, here are 7 tip-offs.

The Eyes Tell No Lies
A man enthralled with a woman will be naturally very attentive to her. This means he will make almost exclusive eye contact while she is talking. If she finds his eyes leave hers to scan the room, he may not be that into her. Eyebrows are another indicator of interest. Believe it or not, many men will actually raise and lower their eyebrows (as seen in countless movies) when they catch sight of a woman that makes them think, ‘Wow!’ There is also evidence to suggest that rapid eye-blinking is another reliable indicator of nervous attraction.

There’s No Denial in That Smile
Men almost consistently smile as a nervous habit when they are in the presence of a girl they like. They may even find themselves smiling almost insistently, no matter what the conversation is. When you first meet a man, if he can smile, then drop to a casual stare in less than two or three seconds, his interest is probably minimal.

Suddenly, He’s a Talker
Romeo may have used poetic words to lure Juliet into his arms, but most men traditionally don’t have much to say. This is especially true when they don’t have much incentive for making small talk. If he sees you as a potential love interest, he will most certainly make the effort to find out more about you, your hobbies and your likes and dislikes. A man who normally doesn’t say too much beyond the occasional, ‘yup’ and ‘nope,’ may find himself talking for hours to a woman he is highly interested in.

The Boulders on His Shoulders
Kevin Hogan, author of Irresistible Attraction, offers the advice that a lot can be said by simply paying attention to the shape of a man’s shoulders while engaged in conversation. While many men swing their shoulders back to appear larger and more masculine, when in the presence of a love interest, he may subconsciously round them (slouch), in order to appear more approachable.

Like My Pecs?
Kevin Hogan also offers this biologically derived advice from the mating rituals of the gorilla. Some men may offer their chest (pecs) to a woman, by facing it in her direction, as a means of wooing her. Men, as a species, have come along way from the chest-beating gorillas, they still engage women in a similar fashion and for the same reason. Today’s man has just learned to adapt to a more socially acceptable means of wooing.

Please, Allow Me to Groom You
In much the same way as showing their chest, men have not evolved completely past the gorilla rituals of grooming. Eating bugs off of a fellow gorilla is a display of affection, interest, and dare I say, even love. While a man may not trample a woman’s golden locks in search of any tasty morsels, he will instead fuss over her appearance, brushing lint off of her shoulder, perhaps wiping an eyelash from her cheek. These are just excuses to touch her, offering a hint of his intentions as a future mate.

Mirroring is very similar to the act of slouching, in that the man is trying to appear approachable and on her level. It is also an easy way for him to take advantage of any signs she may be feeding him. For instance, when she leans forward, he leans in after her. If she then leans back and away, he mirrors that same action, thinking, ‘Oops, now what did I do’? You can actually have a lot of fun playing with this one, but don’t get too carried away.

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