Guardian Angel Protection

I’m not a Medium, but for some reason whenever I travel, if there’s a ghost where I’m staying … it will find me. Sometimes I tell people I’m a ghost magnet. I suppose being an Empath it makes sense that they’d be drawn to me. They sense that I can feel things outside the realm of what most people can feel. I’ve had numerous encounters throughout my life. I’ve been told I shouldn’t be frightened by this, but for whatever reason I’m just not that comfortable connecting with the other side. Yet, the scariest encounter I ever had turned out to one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

Once, when I was traveling, I was staying at a youth hostel in a major American city. As some of you may know, hostels are a fun inexpensive way to travel and the rooms are shared with other travelers.

Usually, you sleep in bunk beds. I was sharing the room with two other women. I chose a bottom bunk and the bunk above me was not occupied. I remember waking up in the middle of the night feeling confused and disoriented — the room seemed “too” dark somehow. Nevertheless, I quickly fell back asleep.

When I woke up the next morning there were sheets draped from the top bunk down around the bunk I was sleeping in, as if someone had tried to make a tent for me or give me some privacy. That same morning one of the women asked me if I had brought a man into the room that night. Well of course, I was taken back by her question. So I told her, “No, I most certainly did not bring a man back to the room with me! Why would you ask that?”

She told me that she had woken up in the middle of the night and saw the sheets draped around my bunk and something that looked like a man but was, “kind of glowing with a white halo around his head,” peering over me by my head. As if he was cradling me. Then she said she reached for her glasses because she was so dumbfounded by what she was seeing. As soon as she put her glasses on, she told me the door to the room swung open and then slammed shut and the lights in the hallway abruptly went out and then turned back on again. None of us could ever figure out what it was but I was terrified. We both checked out the next day.

When I returned home from my trip I asked a Medium friend about what he thought it was. He told me that it wasn’t a ghost at all — it was one of my guardian angels. He also told me there had most likely been malevolent energies or ghosts in the building (the building had a history that went back to the days of brothels). He told me my guardian angel was protecting me. The sheets he said, “Were a way of creating a boundary,” as if to say, “She is my charge. Come no closer.” He explained that because I am an Empath, I am more open and vulnerable to these energies. Guardian angels are made of pure love and often they do protect us from that which can hurt us. It’s an amazing thing to discover. Imagine a beautiful, protective, light of love which is always with you — looking over you. Sometimes I wonder what he looked like, but it’s enough to know he’s there.

4 thoughts on “Guardian Angel Protection

  1. Chloe ext. 9421

    Riley has some wonderful ideas. In addition, guardian angels will sometimes come to you in dreams. Often, they will visit in the form of someone who represents a person you trust but you don’t actually know- such as a famous actor or a lover from your past. You will know it is your guardian angel because of the immense love and safety you feel with them. Often they will embrace you in the dream. Do a little dream work! Ask them to come to you before you go to sleep and focus on your intent. It may take some time, so be patient. Sweet Dreams! ~Chloe

  2. nrusingha charana ojha

    sir tody morn i feel a energy enter my center in head,some time that energy move my head left and right twice time ,then i feel total body pull out sky side,to day morn when i yoga at that time i see my eyse sky and centre sun,pl guide morn who pull me.and who enter my centre my head autamaticy moveing my head left and right?

  3. len

    tell me please how cani get on touch with my guardian angels and how will i be sure it is the entity and not any old ghost. len


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