DreamCast: A Silent Orphan

Kelly from North Carolina writes:

I dream I’m looking at a small female child of African descent, roughly three or four years old. I know she is orphaned. She never speaks. She looks at me pointedly with intense eyes and points at a small evergreen shrub. It looks to be a miniature holly. The girl never speaks, just points. Somehow I know the bush is poisonous. We are alone and I have no idea why I’m here. It seems to be a vast, deserted place, devoid of any buildings or structures. I feel lonely. It seems I’m being ‘cautioned’ about something, too. What on earth can this mean … or does it mean anything?

Hello Kelly,

Do the African people have a special meaning for you? Many children are indeed orphaned there due to widespread disease and strife. It’s interesting that the girl was an orphan, and the location was deserted as well. Is there a part of your life that you’ve neglected and need to nurture? It could be your love life, finances, spirituality, health, a desire to be a mother, or using your talents to help others less fortunate. The small evergreen holly is something new that’s growing inside you.

The berries of the holly are poisonous to people, but other than that, it’s typically a positive symbol, often associated with Christmas. If you’re a Christian, perhaps you have some negative feelings from childhood associated with your religion. Have you abandoned your spiritual life? Are you lonely for a connection with your faith and the ‘powers that be?’ In any case, look to see what part of your life needs nurturing, and then take some steps to help it grow.

Sweet dreams,


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