Get to Know Karma Rewards

Q: Why should I join Karma Rewards?

A: Because it’s FREE and easy to join! Plus, you get great benefits at no cost to you. By joining the California Psychics Karma Rewards Program you become a preferred customer and – as a reward for your loyalty – you will enjoy:

• A $20 credit with your first purchase as a Karma Rewards member.

ï Bonus Points for each and every purchase which can be redeemed for FREE readings!

ï An additional 350 Bonus Points for your second purchase as a Karma Rewards member.

ï A FREE detailed astrological birth chart ($20 value).

ï Become eligible for Special Offers and Sales available only to Karma Rewards members.

Q: How do I join Karma Rewards?

A: Simply go to the Member Sign In page and click on the red Join Now button. If you’ve never had a reading with us before, then you can take advantage of our Special New Customer Offer. Click Here to get your first reading for as little as $10!

Q: How much does it cost? A: Karma Rewards is absolutely FREE! In fact, after making your first purchase as a Karma Rewards member, we’ll GIVE you a $20 credit to speak with the psychic of your choice!

Sign up! It’s free.

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2 thoughts on “Get to Know Karma Rewards

  1. J

    Signed up for it.. and sent my birthday info. When I sent it.. it said “your birth chart has been sent”… haven’t been able to locate it.. thanks!

  2. Diane Porter

    I think that I signed up for Karma Rewards but I am not sure. It doesn’t
    show that I have anything in my account. I have had two readings.
    Can you tell me if I am a member.

    Thanks, Diane


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