Genuine Love

Love is often hard to find and can be scary to embrace. But, that isn’t enough to stop most of us from hoping to find a genuine love that is lasting and true. So, when your heart is all a-flutter and romance is in the air, how can you be sure the object of your affection is feeling the same?

Use your instincts as a barometer and pay attention to how they treat and interact with you. Use this check list to know if your partnership is healthy and will last an eternity.

1. Talk
There is a difference between casual dating and becoming involved, even though the former is often what leads to the latter. While the first encounters are likely to be kept light and fun, when someone is earnest dating becomes less of a game. Conversations will be more personal and sincere – give and take (not a one way street!). They become a true information exchange. You can usually tell when someone is truly listening to what you have to say, because they are drinking in your words and making mental notes, rather than just letting you speak your peace.

2. Trust
Trust is something that should be earned and someone who is genuinely interested in loving you will do their best to earn it. As all things in a relationship, there is give-and-take in the establishment of trust, because they are learning to trust you, too.

3. Honesty
When someone is being genuine, their honesty will shine through. This doesn’t mean that they are going to offer up all the juicy details of their existence like an article in a gossip magazine, but they will tend to not be overly secretive or blatantly misleading. When the connection is strong and the emotion is real, people tend to be more conscientious in their words and in their deeds. A person who is genuinely interested in building a relationship is going to have concerns about what you think of them now – as well as in the future.

4. Follow through
They say they’ll call, and they do. They say they’ll be there at eight, and they are! Sounds so easy, right? It actually is. When it matters, people put in the extra effort. There is genuine eagerness to please that goes beyond just avoiding any disruptions or confrontations. Plans will be laid for future dates, because there is intention of keeping you coming around.

5. Acceptance
When someone is genuine about loving you, they tend to have your best interest at heart. They offer guidance and support, and tend to avoid making you feel pressured. They accept your faults and flaws, and if you’re lucky – they’ll find some of those quirky traits endearing.

6. Warm and fuzzy
People have very different ways of showing affection, but when someone is being affectionate, it shows! From the way they look at you to the way they touch you, genuine emotion permeates their interaction with you.

7. Plural
“I” is often replaced by “we” and future date planning becomes less and less forbidden. When you matter, you will be introduced to family and friends, because your mate is proud to have you by their side. For most people, meeting family can be a pretty big deal, because it indicates you have earned that right, and they are planning on keeping you around!

When someone truly cares about you, they will put in the time. They will allow you to grow, to evolve, and to process the things you need to – even if you make some mistakes. They will find forgiveness through understanding, and be willing to meet you half-way.

Through the highs and lows of love and life, a true blue partner will support your well-being as much as their own. Through it all, with a leap of faith, a love that is backed by truth and sincerity is a love that will grow for eternity.

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