Extraordinary Stories from the Lives of Mediums

Every now and again during the daily lives of Psychic Mediums, out of the ordinary experiences occur that stand out to them as amazing – even goosebump worthy!

At the breakfast table one morning Maryanne ext.9146 looked at her dad and said “Good bye. I love you,” in a tone of voice that sounded like an elderly man. “It wasn’t my voice and it shocked me. My dad just laughed and said, ‘You sounded just like my father.'” Later the family was notified that her grandfather had passed away. It had happened while the family was having breakfast!

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9 thoughts on “Extraordinary Stories from the Lives of Mediums

  1. Fran

    Maryanne, I just LOVE you! Thanks for adding the “s” to make it plural. Today WAS a big day, and I hoping for more of the same tomorrow. 🙂
    Keep those candles burning!! Oh, and those fingers crossed (might as well add in the toes, too!) LOL! I’ll call you in a few…
    Lots of Hugs,

  2. Fran

    Hi Maryanne,
    Tomorrow, Thursday, is going to be a BIG day…..keep your fingers crossed for me!!
    (Hopefully Friday as well!)
    Big Hug & Lots of Love,

  3. SeaTurtle

    WOW! I had a similiar experience..
    I was away at a medical center with with my mom who was sick..and I awoke in the middle of the night and said out loud..”R” is gone…I could feel it and when I arrived home my husband had left abd wiped out my checking account…
    I “knew” he had left…

  4. Phillip 9485

    And one morning , about 20 years ago I awoke from a sound sleep and said to a woman lying next to me, “Don’t leave.” She looked at me and said, “Why did you say that?” I rolled over and went back to sleep. The next day I returned from work and she was gone.

  5. Fran

    Hi Maryanne ~
    How your grandfather must have loved you all so much to come through for a final goodbye.
    Next time we talk, remind me to tell you a couple of stories along this vein.


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