Deceased Lover Contacts Her

Nicole in Canada, writes:

Hello, my name is Nicole. I’m 18 years old. I had a boyfriend get killed right in front of me when I was 16 years old. I’m wondering if he wants to say anything to me? When he was in the hospital it seemed like he wanted to say something but he just couldn’t.

Dear Nicole,

My strong impression of those moments in the hospital when he tried to speak is that he started by wanting to be sure you knew he loved you, and that he wished he could have protected you from the experience of watching him die.

But then he experienced an explosion of light and knowing and energy, an epiphany so powerful that all he could think about was quickly telling you what life and the afterlife are really about, so you wouldn’t grieve for him, and you would never again be afraid.

He also wanted to tell you he was remembering all the other lives when you had known and loved each other as friends, family and lovers, and about the ways he realized he could help you find a better future once he was not locked into a human body and consciousness.

He wanted you to know that he wasn’t frightened, and that you shouldn’t be. He wanted to tell you about someone you both had known he was amazed to see waiting for him, surrounded by light, on the other side, and about family members who were welcoming him with open arms.

But, most of all, even though he knew there were things unsettled between you, he wanted you to know that what he took with him, what he would remember, and what he wanted you to remember, were those moments of the pure, intense joy of loving, because in the end that’s all that really matters.

He’s still very much with you, vitally interested in your happiness and success, and ready to help you in any way he can. Just talk to him, aloud or in your head, about anything that’s on your mind — what’s troubling you, what you’d like to create in your life, what you wonder about — and he says he’ll work with your other Guides and Guardian Angel to give you the help and answers you need.

You can find plenty of great tips about how to receive messages from him and from your other Guides and Angels on the web site, both in the weekly Ask Your Spirit Guides columns, and in articles like Decoding Spiritual Messages and Spirit Guides or Intuition?

My heart breaks to think about your devastating experience, Nicole, but I’m glad to know that it also has brought you gifts which will help you for the rest of your life. It may seem like a poor substitute even now, but give him a chance to show you what he can do!

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  1. susy

    MY boyfriend passed away on febuary 11 2011 i was in yuma and he was in our hometown el centro. we were mad the night he died, i didnt find out until the morning but all night i had multiple dreams all with him all night, We were being chased but didnt know who was after us, another we were hanging out in my room and he layed on his side smiling and talking but i couldnt hear him. Now i feel like hes around and yes i talk to hiim ask him for signs but sometimes i feel like im going crazy…january 14th is our anniversary he always used to write taynsue114 that was our mark 114 and i see it everywhere especially when looking at the time. i just was somekind of guidance or advice explaination something anything cuz i feel like im losing my mind.

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