Charlie Sheen’s Mad Mad Mad World

Charlie Sheen (a Virgo with moon in Sagittarius) recently shocked/entertained the world with a bombastic rant on the Alex Jones Show in which he lashed out at his employers and celebrated his own prowess at “Winning,” and described himself as, among other things, “an F-18” and a “high priest Vatican assassin warlock.” His public outburst—which, as of this writing, has apparently cost him his job and custody of his two sons—is an example of untrammeled male id bursting out of its cage. This is one of the forces which society spends more energy than just about anything repressing, and which it consequently tends to fetishize by allowing others, usually public figures, to act it out in public for those to afraid to do so in their own lives—though not without punishing them afterward. Does this offer a glimpse into why people are so fascinated by Charlie Sheen?

Guyism reports:

This is Charlie Sheen’s world. We’re just living in it.

Go check your Facebook or Twitter feed. Everyone is linking to stories about him, quoting his diatribes, and either celebrating or condemning him. It’s most likely split by gender: ladies deriding Sheen as a “pig” and “asshole,” guys praising him (correctly) as the most hilarious person on earth. He’s instantly become a hero to millions of educated, courteous young males who would never emulate his antics — nor watch Two and a Half Men, for that matter — yet admire him with irony and sincerity.

Sheen’s appeal isn’t exclusively the wild hedonism… His appeal is that, while most guys — especially post-college — must reign in their ids and demure to society’s expectations to advance rung by rung up the soul-crushing ladder of corporate mediocrity, Sheen has reached the ultimate apex of manhood eternal: doing whatever he wants and speaking the complete truth, consequences be damned. (Even if the complete truth, as he perceives it, is “I got tiger blood,” “I have a 10,000-year-old brain,” and “I’m an F-18, bro.”)

What do you think—what does Sheen’s behavior, and our treatment of it as a society, say about us?

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7 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen’s Mad Mad Mad World

  1. Michelle Dekutowski

    I have found that many people are both appalled and fascinated with me because I do whatever I feel. Unfortunately, I’m trying to tame that. It’s difficult to function in the world of mediocrity.

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  3. psychicron ext.9545

    I, too, am a Sag. /Virgo. (Sun and moon in Sag., Saturn and Mars in Virgo). The time of Pisces is often a disaster for me. It squares Sag. and opposes Virgo. Here we are with Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Mars all in Pisces. I wonder how that affects his chart and life.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I have always admired his work, Two and a Half Men was always a favorite show of mine too….

    My heart and prayers go out to Charlie,……
    …as he is on the ‘ manic ‘ up-side of this right now, almost into delusional……soon he will start the depressional ride down…..and it’s a long way down…..

    I hope he reaches out for professional, clinical, help as he is crashing and burning on the way down.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. psychicron

    Great topic. Why are so many men fascinated with action movies with cars overturning, buildings blowing up and intense warfare? Is it total frustration with life and the desire to see things destroyed? As a guy, I’m a bit giulty of that. I liked toy guns as a child and playing games like “Cowboys and Indians” and “Cops and Robbers” where one side was totally right and the other totally wrong. This behavior was encouraged. I see that attitude carried into politics, entertainment and relationships (the war of the sexes).

    Charlie Sheen is a trainwreck we all enjoy watching. Maybe it makes us feel ‘better than’, but we see self destructive things in ourselves reflected here, too. Hopefully there’s a good lesson in this.


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