Bride in a Nun’s Habit

Nancy from Winter Springs, Florida writes:

Dear Cortney,

I always have very vivid dreams, but I feel very connected to this one: I am dressed for my wedding. However, my outfit is a nun’s habit, except that the colors are white with gold trim. I am very distressed because my groom is not present and is running late. All the women tending to me are deceased relatives. I would appreciate any insight and guidance you may offer.

Thanks and blessings,

Dear Nancy,

The first thing that came to mind was that a nun is a bride of Christ. I don’t know which religion you follow, but the dream may be symbolic of your material life merging with your spiritual life, as symbolized in the habit of white and gold. Or perhaps you are craving a spiritual connection with a spouse, but don’t believe it will ever happen (the groom being absent). The deceased relatives may represent your family’s spiritual traditions.

Or, in a completely different context, the dream might reveal a past life where you were a nun (or were very strict in your religious beliefs). If this feels true, you might have come into this life with some issues about relationships. Ask yourself if you have any conflicted feelings about marriage, especially if you feel that a relationship would get in the way of leading a spiritual life. Hope that helps!

Sweet dreams,


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