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I was reading your letter about feathers. Just three days after my son was killed two years ago exactly (he was 36) I came home, and found an off white single feather on my doorstep. I did feel at the time that this was left for me by either my spirit guide or angel. Can you advise?

Evelyn in England

Actually, Evelyn, the feather was a message from your son.

The brief vision that accompanied your words was full of bright sunlight, which might be symbolic rather than actual. Your son was standing peacefully, looking around him and enjoying the sights and smells. And, by the way, this is the first time I’ve encountered a spirit enjoying fragrances, but he clearly was doing just that. Did he usually look younger than his age? Because your son showed himself to me as a man in his early 30’s at most.

After watching him reveling in the environment for a moment, I saw what appeared to be a robin grooming its breast on a branch nearby, and it caught his eye. As he watched, the bird dislodged a feather which began to float toward your son, and I could see him smile with warmth and humor as he decided to leave the feather for you as a message of love and renewal. The robin’s breast symbolizes the heart region, and the robin itself symbolizes the coming of spring and renewal. He somehow created small puffs of air which he used to navigate the feather to your doorstep, chuckling to himself as he kept the feather aloft like a juggler.

I’d like to encourage you to tuck this vision into your heart where you can reach it easily, and enjoy it often, because your son’s message of love is one that he still sends you daily. I can feel him, and his love all around you!

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