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I come from a very traditional background but I’m also quite an unconventional person and an artist at heart. I think most of my life I’ve followed my heart but it’s always been hindered by my head and doing the “right” thing. Recently I’ve had some real tornados hit me including an ex who fit my parent’s expectations and who I loved as well- one day talking marriage and gaining my family’s acceptance and the next cutting me off in a cruel way.

Prior to meeting him, I was in love with someone who was probably the opposite of all the “right” conventions and in the end the societal and familial pressures won out. I’m far from being a teenager anymore but I’m feeling very rebellious right now and questioning a lot still in my career and in love. Can my guides tell me anything to help clear some of the tornado wreckage or at least tell me where to find the ruby slippers to take me home to my heart?


Jeannette in Washington


Dear Jeannette,

Before I give the floor to your guides I just want to say that you have a real gift for imagery, and your artistic gifts show even in this short note.

Your guides and angels (and relatives … including one woman who wants with everything in her for you to do the things she never dared do!) smilingly told me that your choice of Dorothy’s trip to Oz is a perfect allegory for your present journey and its powerful possibilities. The Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion and Dorothy herself all learned to overcome cultural assumptions about who they were, and what was possible for them, to come home to themselves.

Next, they said: “Jeannette, a person’s birth family is not always their true family. Your tornado is lifting you out of a bleak and uncomfortable existence and will – if you let it – plunk you down in an artistic world of color and light where you will encounter the companions of your heart and discover the true source of power. Unlike Dorothy, however, your true home is not in Kansas. You will always maintain connections with your birth family, but your path is very different from theirs. Not all, but many family members will come to accept your choices and remain a loving and supportive part of your life.”

Then your guides explained that even in a tornado you have a powerful influence if you focus on where you’re going and what you want, rather than on what you want to leave behind, or what has been denied you. They say that your rebellious feelings are timely and appropriate – let them recharge you with light and purpose, and direct those “out of the box” energies into your art and your inner and outer renewal. You have exciting times ahead of you.

As for the wreckage you’re working on clearing up… Your guides have shown me a picture of the wreckage, and it’s got at least 5 paths leading away from it, and each is headed toward a beautiful landscape. There’s a brilliant sunset at the end of one path, a twilight beach at another, a sunny hill like the Tarot Sun card for another (symbolizing either personal wholeness, marriage, or both), then a cool forest path next to a stream, and finally a steep and craggy mountain pass. I’m sure your artistic sensibilities will recognize and easily interpret each of these possible paths. When you’re starting fresh, as you are Jeannette, you get to choose. Just step out of the rubble and try one. Heck, try them all!

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