Ask Your Spirit Guide

Right now (like so many others) I am unemployed. I have no idea which way to turn. I’m not really sure in which direction of employment I need to go. Please, please help me with some direction. Thank you so much.

Peace, Donna


Dear Donna,

Your spirit guides gave me the first bit of information before I finished reading your note, they were so eager for you to hear it. “Accept the help that is offered to you. There is no shame for you, who gives so much support to others, to receive it yourself. If you fear obligation, know that the help is freely given, and that you will find a way to give in return that satisfies your need for balance.”

Next, your guides showed me your energy field and explained why you’re having trouble finding your way out of this dilemma. They say that one of the biggest challenges for you, and for anyone affected by our present economic crisis, is how to be effective when in the grip of very natural panic and fear. Fear is about fight or flight, not strategic thinking, effective networking and the kind of presentation and communication you need to land a good job.

They go on to say: “As hard as it is to find calm and centeredness when bedeviled by bill collectors and worried about your rent, you must establish that calm. At present your excellent intuition and instincts are unable to help you at all, because they cannot get through to you. We see you pushing energy out hastily in a thousand different directions, scattering rather than lasering in on a few likely targets. There is no right or wrong direction, but there are effective choices, and those are made by your desires and instincts. And call on us! We will help you whenever you ask.”

Spirit guides can sometimes seem frustratingly impractical, so I’ll tack on a couple of impressions they gave me while I listened. First, you might not be able to get one well-paying solution just yet, but if you look around for fun and offbeat possibilities, you can get a few small solutions going pretty easily. And second, for a number of reasons, the more you hurry and push the less you’ll accomplish. Work smart, not hard, accept help, take good care of yourself, and go where your instincts, dreams and desires lead you. They, not the classified section, hold your answers.

Good luck, Donna!

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