Ask Your Spirit Guide

I know guides can come and go, to teach you different lessons.

On several occasions, I wanted psychic readings to help me solidify which Spirit Guides were really there, and what messages they had for me. However, I’ve never been able to identify who my main Spirit Guide is – the one who has been by my side from birth. I really want to build a relationship with one of my guides, and build on my spiritual development. I’ve been told that I am more clairaudient, yet I’m unsure about what to start on or develop – or what my guides want me to work on.

My question is, which one of my Spirit Guides do I have more of a connection with? Which one can I build a foundation with, and get to know best? Is it my birth Spirit Guide? I want to know what messages they have for me – either in general, or for spiritual development? I do feel closed off from my Spirit Guides at this moment, and it would be a great comfort to know what they want me to know.



Dear Dreamer,

The man who stepped forward from your energy field introduced himself only as “Grandfather.” He clearly is part of your lineage, your family line – but how recently, or how far in the past, he would not say. My impression is that this is because he’s incarnated before you several times, to lay out your path – setting up family beliefs and circumstances that would create ideal circumstances for your spiritual growth and happiness.

He is an impressive man: a bottomless well of kindness and spiritual strength, with a uniquely masculine, cherishing style of caring that embraces and surrounds you, every moment of your life. And, yes – he says he has been with you since birth, and that he serves as sort of a committee chairman for the other guides who come and go.

In response to your question about building a relationship with your Guides, and particularly about developing your clairaudient abilities, he provided some suggestions:

First, to fine-tune your clairaudience, he suggests that you deeply relax while listening to subliminal CDs, and (he says) stretch out and expand your psychic energy and psychic listening skills until you can “hear” (or feel) what’s being said. He asked me to explain that you must use more than your ears to do this – that if you relax deeply, you will activate and engage several levels of skill at once. Also, don’t be frustrated if you initially get the sense of what’s being said, rather than the exact wording… he tells me context and intention are more important for you. Also, if you write while you psychically receive – a form of automatic writing that flows from clairaudience – you should be very happy with the results.

Grandfather also tells me that the only reason you’re feeling closed off from your Guides right now is because you’ve forgotten the role of synchronicity in pointing your way forward. Actually, what he said was, “don’t wait till a 2 x 4 falls on your head, Missy! Wake up again to what’s in your path. Pay attention to the signals popping up all around you, and let’s get back to work!”

When I asked for messages for you, he folded his arms, raised his eyebrows, and said, “tell her to come to me.” Frustrating, right?

Let me give you some hints. First, going to Grandfather for information and guidance is an important next step for you, and many things will unfold more easily from that first step. Second, rather than striving and straining to accomplish this, you can most easily access your connection with him and your other Guides by softening and expanding into it. He repeated it: “soften and expand.”

May your dreams, waking and sleeping, be sweet, Dreamer!

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