A Psychic Message From the Amazon

As I floated along the Amazon in a canoe, trying not to think about the piranha and alligators in the water, two things came to mind. The first thought was, “Hey, did I remember to take my malaria pills?” The second: “Great Amazon, do you have any messages for me?”

This is what I got – simple as it may sound: “Situations in your life that may seem so dramatic and unsolvable are lessons – and very solvable.”


When faced with challenges, you must look at the situation from above. The universe is so big, and we are just a speck in it. When you receive a reading, your reader is receiving messages from above – not biased messages, just ones from that perspective. You ultimately make the decisions that will affect your life, and the direction you are headed in. And as humans we all continuously learn lessons. We here at CaliforniaPsychics.com can help guide you, and enhance your confidence in your chosen decision.

Many times when I do readings I remind the clients that they already made their decision prior to calling me – but they were calling to get confirmation and support from their guides, angels and loved ones. Remember, we are the connection between your guides, angels and loved ones… and you. So please remember, when faced with a challenge, to take a step back. Try to look at it from above and see the issue from all sides!

I wish you much luck as we all continue to enjoy these fun lessons in life! And by the way, I did remember to take my Malaria pills – so you will definitely encounter me working the California Psychics lines!

Have you received a message from the universe lately? Share your messages here.

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