8 Psychics All See the Same Thing

For the past six months I have been getting readings from various psychics at CP. I have been blown away by the amount of detail they verify regarding my present situation. In some ways, they explain things better than I could ever explain it — and it’s my life!

I have a project I have been working on, and a lot of psychics picked up on this. In particular they said I was going to meet a man who would help me take it to the next level. They described a very unique man in appearance and personality. They told me his hair color, length of hair, type of facial hair, preferred style of dress, his hometown, his occupation and personality. Skylar, Nevaeh, Red, Bridget, Samadi, Shonti, Teva, and Eric all described the same man. Keep in mind that these readings were spread out and they predicted that I would meet this man sometime in the New Year.

Recently I went to go meet with someone a friend told me would be a good person to have on my side. So, I reluctantly went after work one day. Once I walked into the restaurant, I was surprised! Sitting at the table waiting for me was the exact man they all said I would meet. He had the same unique hair and unique clothing (down to a T!). I had totally forgotten about it, and had to go back and look at my notes on how many psychics nailed this.

I have a new potential prediction coming soon that I will write a new blog for. Let’s see how many psychics get the next one right!

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