Your Love is a Temple

Heartbreak is something we're all very familiar with. It's never fun, and though we do survive it, no one is sitting around wishing for it to come along again. Yet we all look for love, lasting love, the ... read more

Honor Thy Mother

There's no denying it... we wouldn't be here without them! They come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.They may drive us mad or to success - or both. We admire, love and respect them - yet we can have ... read more

Spirituality and Manners

Good manners will get you far - at least that's what the etiquette books say - but will it bring you enhanced spirituality? Will refraining from belching, cursing or kissing in public bring you closer to ... read more

10 Signs of a Good Match

signs of a good match
We all know what it's like to go shopping and try on loads of different clothes to no avail, but when that one special piece fits like it was made for you, you snatch it up! Finding the right love match ... read more

Rein In Your Emotions

Is there anything more powerful than an explosion of emotion in the human heart? From the elation of love's first quickening to the fury of being cut off on the highway, the fever of the chemical ... read more
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